CorruptionTransparency International has listed Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, and Sudan as the world’s most corrupt countries for 2013. According to the body’s survey, Nigeria is ranked 144th most corrupt country in the world while Denmark and New Zealand are nearly squeaky-clean.

The body which serves as international graft watchdog ranks countries on a scale of 0-100, where 0 means a country’s public sector is considered highly corrupt and 100 means it is regarded as very clean. The latest survey according to transparency International paints a worrying picture, as no country gets a perfect score; with more than two-thirds scoring less than 50.

Third world countries dominate the bottom half of the table which usually consist the most corrupt countries, with Africa having the largest chunk. Transparency International’s annual list is the most widely used indicator of sleaze in political parties, police, justice systems and civil services, a scourge which undermines development and the fight against poverty.

below is the list of the top and bottom ten : (The equals symbol means nations share the same rank)

=1. Denmark 91
=1. New Zealand 91
=3. Finland 89
=3. Sweden 89
=5. Norway 86
=5. Singapore 86
7. Switzerland 85
8. Netherlands 83
=9. Australia 81
=9. Canada 81

=168. Syria 17
=168. Turkmenistan 17
=168. Uzbekistan 17
171. Iraq 16
172. Libya 15
173. South Sudan 14
174. Sudan 11
=175. Afghanistan 8
=175. North Korea 8
=175. Somalia 8

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