HeartbrokenPius had it all planned out. Though he was yet to have a child with his wife of 5 years, he nonetheless loved his wife dearly. He had, in fact, cut off from anyone, including family members who even vaguely suggested that he should try outside.

Rather, he withdrew from having any extra marital affair and kept his distance from friends who were not faithful to their wives. He had to do this to please his wife who was constantly in touch with him on the phone monitoring his every move.

Some of his silly friends quipped that women who were so possessive and tend to be over-zealous in monitoring their husbands were themselves not to be trusted. Such talk brought the bile out of Pius, sometimes, to the point getting physical. ‘My wife is an Angel, he would scream. I met her as a virgin and I have been the only man in her life’ he would scream. Anyway, he was hoping to give his wife the best Valentine’s Day ever.

He had been away to Abuja since Monday. February 10. From his original schedule, he was meant to return on Saturday February 15 and had pleaded with his wife that he would make up for their Val date fully on Saturday but an urgent call from the office brought him back to Lagos on Friday. In fact, he was back in the office by 12 noon. He chose however not to let his wife know. He wanted to appear in the house with the special gifts he bought her and take her off to dinner at the prestigious Intercontinental hotel.

So by 6pm he got into his car, whistling to himself. By 7pm he was in front of his house. He noticed a familiar car outside his compound but could not place where he had been seeing it. He tried to call his wife and, strangely, her phone was switched off. The maid in his neighbour’s house opened the gate for him. He wondered why she looked at him with some apprehension. Anyway he made for the stairs. As he tried to press the bell, he noticed the door was ajar. He was now frightened.

‘My wife, who could have left the door open?’ he muttered. Frantic he ran to the kitchen; it was empty. ‘Darling’ he called out, running to their bedroom and…’whaaaat!!!?’ It is impossible, It is a lie; it is a nightmare…Ada is jumping off the bed. She is stark naked. She is not alone. A man is also jumping off the bed his erect manhood glistening with the juices from Ada’s moist honeypot. Ada is begging. The man is begging. Pius is feeling faint. Now, he remembers the owner of the car parked outside. ‘It belongs to our doctor. The man begging me in my bedroom, who had been sleeping with my wife on Valentine’s Day, is our very own doctor. He has given me a Valentine in Hell!, Now I have to return the favour’ Pius raises the alarm as he heads to the kitchen for a cutlass…


1. If you were Pius what would you do with the cutlass?

2. If you were Pius and you did not use the cutlass on your wife what would you do to her afterwards?

3. Where will the marriage stand after you discover that your wife who had monitored you so closely was in fact doing that to cover her own tracks?

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  1. Abdulmumini Saidu says

    This is indeed valentine in hell, he’s really an unfortunate husband

  2. Sandy Oba's says

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  3. Eve Walters says

    Is there such a faithful husband in dis world?

  4. Sunday Rufai says

    iwil kil both of them period.

  5. Onadi Latifah Adebimpe says

    that is the end of the marriage.

  6. Aribo Abosede says


  7. Fedo Akoje says

    Faithful an God fairing husband

  8. jude onwuemene says

    The man should not give chance to anything that would slow him down in life. Just pack her things out and report the doctor to the medical body. If he goes physical, one of them will be injured or killed. This will lead to further issues that may dent his image, slow down his career and sadden his heart.

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