50-year-old pregnant lady dies after waiting 20 years to conceive

Adenike Adewusi Adewunmi

Social media was awash on Friday with the sad story of the sudden death of a pregnant 50-year-old woman, Adenike Adewusi Adewunmi, who had waited on the lord for over 20 years to conceive and bear a child.

Adewunmi. who was a respected blogger, was learnt to be planning to celebrate her 50th birthday with the birth of her first child.

Unfortunately, Adewunmi died before she could get to the hospital on Thursday after she had complained of shortness of breath.

One of her friends, Rita Egwu, wrote: “All Adenike Adewunmi Adewusi, owner of nikkiworld blog wanted was a child of her own.

“This morning, she complained of shortness of breath and died before she could get to the hospital.

“Her plan was to celebrate the birth of the baby with her 50th birthday later this year.

“May her very gentle soul rest in peace.

“Survived by sister, Adejoke, and Toba.”

One of those who also knew her, Joel Nwokeoma, wrote on Facebook: “Adenike, the news filtering on this platform announcing your passage today is not only rude but also shocking.

“More than two decades ago, we lived and worshipped in the same neighborhood in the Mafoluku area of Lagos.

“We only reconnected on this app some years back but intermittently shared memories of those uncertain years of growth and dreaming.

“I enjoyed reading your posts and looked forward to them every day.

“Indeed, yours is a death that diminished humanity.

“And hurts badly.

“May your soul find rest in the Lord, Sister Nike.”

The post has since attracted several comments.

Another friend of Adewunmi wrote: “I have seen her everywhere, 33 of my friends know her and I have looked at her over and over but cant recall meeting her at any point in my life.

“She waited for 20 years for a miracle child and just days to beholding the day of glory she exits.

“She was said to have developed pre-eclampsia and complained of short breath.

“She still posted yesterday.

“I have questions but no answers.

“My heart is very heavy.

“My prayer is that the Lord will receive her soul and make her rest in peace.

“To everyone grieving right now…may the Lord comfort everyone.

“Goodnight, sister Adenike Adewunmi-Adebisi.”


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