Yemi Alade says new album, “Rebel Queen” will break music boundaries

“This album is a reflection of my growth, creativity, and passion for music that transcends borders and generations.”

Yemi alade says new album, "rebel queen" will break music boundaries
Yemi alade

Award-winning music sensation Yemi Alade says her highly anticipated sixth studio album, ‘Rebel Queen’, is poised to break musical boundaries and inspiring a new wave of artists.

The album, her 10th musical project, is a testament to her innovative spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of African music.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, Yemi Alade shared her vision for the album, stating, “I am a true rebel in words and in action.

“I’ve always charted my own course and walked the path less travelled. ‘Rebel Queen’ embodies this spirit, blending the new and old, the familiar and the unexpected.

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“The 16-track album will take listeners on a sonic journey across Africa, showcasing diverse tempos and rhythms, with features from acclaimed artists from around the world,” she said.

The “Johnny” hit maker also revealed ” Each song is a unique capsule of my thoughts, melodies, and a truckload of nostalgia.

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into this project, and I’m confident it will resonate with fans of all ages and backgrounds.

“’Rebel Queen’ delves into themes of femininity, style, dance, motivation, liberation, and consciousness, “she said.

She emphasised, “I’m not afraid to explore new sounds and challenge the status quo.

“This album is a reflection of my growth, creativity, and passion for music that transcends borders and generations.”

“Get ready to experience the revolutionary sound of Africa’s Rebel Queen, “she concluded.

Yemi Alade said, “I am a true rebel in words and action. So many albums tend to have monotony in genre and style, which often bores me easily. This album is a blend of what my playlist consists of right now: the new and old pop music that cuts across generations and boundaries. I am generally known as someone who has consistently charted her course and walked the path less travelled.

The singer, who recorded the African Cup of Nations 2024 theme song alongside some of Africa’s most prominent musicians, also spoke about the album’s track listing and what her fans should expect.

She said, “It’s a 16-track album that takes you through sounds of Africa on different tempos and rhythms with features from a few of your favourite artists from different parts of the world. The album covers femininity, style, dance, motivation, liberation and consciousness.”

She gained prominence after winning the Peak Talent Show in 2009. She then signed with Effyzzie Music Group and released her debut single “Johnny” in 2013.

Since then, she has released two studio albums and won multiple awards. She has won multiple awards and has collaborated with several other music artists.

Credit: NAB / Premium Times