NEWS: Absolute PR Expands Operations… …Moves to new, bigger office

One of the leading PR firms in the country, Absolute PR, has expanded its operations and has, as a result moved shop into a bigger and more imposing office complex. Speaking with BRANDPOWER shortly before going to press last week, head consultant of the firm, Ekine Akonte, said the agency is positioning and structuring for new businesses and it was part of the desire to be the best amongst its peers in the industry.
“It is an aspirational move in anticipation of new businesses, the big clients and we want to be the number one PR firm in the country in terms of clients and in terms of businesses. We thought that after three years, we have tested the waters enough and the economy is really ripe for outfits like ours to come into full business partnership. We expect many companies out there to be our partners; from FMCGs, to telecoms and even multinationals. That is why we have decided to move into a bigger, more conducive and more beautiful office space.”
When asked why he was going against some silent notion within the industry that big clients don’t have time to visit the office of their advertising or PR agencies, Akonte said that was one of the reasons why Absolute PR is different and in a class of its own. He added that the agency would not even want clients that would not visit them.
“You won’t believe this but I don’t even want clients that would not visit us,” Akonte explained. “What we want are partners who would come in and we strategise and see how we think and how we operate. That is why I said we want partners and not just clients. A partner will always want to come around whereas, a visitor will come and go. But a partner will come around and feel he is a part of the business and that is why we have invested in