You And Wealth

Rhodri jones

Become A Magnet To Wealth And Riches Through The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction- Wealth Magnet

Have you ever wondered how you can attract more happiness, success and increasing wealth into your life?
What is this law of attraction that everybody is talking about?
Yes it’s a fact based on Quantum Physics Law of Attraction that you can increase prosperity and joy in life.
You can actively use particular patterns of thought and actions to attract wealth, money and whatever you want for that matter.

The Law of Attraction- Basic Principles

In order for you to fully utilize the law of attraction and how it can make you achieve financial and personal success you have to firmly grasp its basic principles:
This procedure starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts are what make your reality.
What you think about, you bring about.
What you focus on grows and expands and it is attracted into your life.

It is the Principle of Be—Do—Have.

To achieve, become and attract what you want then you have to actively think and believe that you are the individual that you want to be.
Simply put, if you want to become the successful person you want to be then you have to think the thoughts and do the things that successful people think and do.
When you do that on a consistent basis, then success will be yours GUARANTEED!!!!
Another principle of the law of attraction for wealth and money is that you have to consciously “permit or allow” money to flow like a river in your life.
Actively thinking of “allowing and permitting” is an essential strategy in the law of attraction.
In order for your dreams and aspirations to materialize in your life—you have to “allow” it to be.
What you believe will be.
You can project this power not only to yourself but also to the ones that you love and cherish the most.
The weakness is some people are that they are hindered when they think of money.

Let’s look at an example—

Imagine that you want to make $10,000 in a month. You really need this money or else you may suffer dire consequences.
The amazing power of the law of attraction is that it can get you the $10,000 if you already perceive and believe that you are already in possession of the money.
In this time frame your mind’s eye must visualize and see that you already feel grateful for having earned the $10,000— you know that it is already in your grasp.

Thus this is the BE—DO—HAVE principle.

You feel that you are the individual who has this money—
You do the things and actions that are necessary for you to get the $10,000 and then as a wondrous result—you will have the $10,000.
Sounds simple? It is if you have no limitations when thinking about money and wealth.
The Law of Attraction gives you the power to banish all those limiting thoughts- thoughts that limit your realization of wealth, money and happiness.
It enables you to replace those negative and limiting thoughts with true positive thoughts of wealth and happiness, and not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.

Positive Visualization- Yet another great example!

Now let me give you another example on how positive visualization can help your dreams become reality.
Imagine that you have a wallet full of $100 bills and imagine that they will never run out!
Every time you spend or you buy something—they are immediately replaced!
Now every time you buy something – you have that feeling of certainty and happiness.
These thought energy vibrations of unlimited wealth, abundance and happiness that you are emitting into the universe will then align itself with vibrations of similar frequencies, meaning that through the law of attraction more wealth, abundance and happiness will be attracted towards you
You can buy whatever you want! And you can never lack for money!
When you combine the power of your mind and the law of attraction you have in your possession and unfailing, unstoppable force- a force of powerful positive attraction
One important point to remember however- you should never worry. Most people worry about the lack of money. Now this is sending out the wrong form of energy. This is a negative energy of a lack of money which will in turn find and attract more of the same
Unfortunately this is prevalent mindset that many people have and I am sure you have this mindset.
Now you know that this simply attracts more negativity, do you think its wise for you to be careful about the thoughts you think
The law of attraction is continually at work. It works for you and everyone else in the world in the exact same
Unleash the power of your mind and this incredibly powerful universal law of attraction and you’ll find not only the secret to ever increasing wealth but the ability to attract whatever it is you desire.