Why women’s braided wigs are loved by men

“I prefer the artificial braided wigs for my wife because it is stress-free and also gives her a different look each time she decides to wear it."


A cross-section of men residing in New Nyanya and Mararaba Area of Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State have expressed admiration for trending braided or weaved wigs worn by women.

In their interactions with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday, the men described the trend as a welcome development, stressing that it had relieved women from unnecessary stress.

According to them, the trend has helped women to be stress-free, as well as helping them to spend hours under a stylist all in the name of making hair.

Mr Bitrus Becan, a civil servant, said that he found it so attractive, especially when it was worn by young ladies.

”The stress of spending hours in the name of plaiting hair has reduced; women do not have to sit for hours under the stylist plaiting their hair.

” I prefer the braided or weavon wigs to that of plaiting hair because women can easily wear and remove them at ease, especially in this rainy season.

” Due to my love for braided wig, I bought the two my fiancée is using now and I intend to buy more for her,” he said.

Similarly, Mr Ezekiel Njoku, a businessman in New Nyanya, said that the trendy braided wig made ladies to look real good and neat, compared to the plaiting braid.

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Njoku said the manner with which some of these ladies carried plaited hair for weeks without washing or making other hairstyles, made them look more ridiculous than beautiful.

“Some women find it very difficult to lose their plaited hair even where they know that the hair is long overdue and needs a new touch.

“Instead of them losing the hair, they will keep it until they start perceiving unpleasant odour that can lead to infection.

“The braided or weavon wigs have made things easier for our women to take proper care of their hair, in the sense that they can remove and decide to wear another.

” Many women have two, three or more of the braided or weavon wigs my wife inclusive, they may decide to wear one today and water another tomorrow, such is a great development,” he said.

Mr Tony Bernard, a banker, said that braided wigs were not too expensive, adding that it was also easy to maintain, especially if one was a working-class lady.

“I prefer the artificial braided wigs for my wife because it is stress-free and also gives her a different look each time she decides to wear it.

“It saves her a lot of time and pain while plaiting her hairs and she will not go to the salon to plait her hair often.

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“Braided wig has made it so easy for her, she can wear it anytime and anywhere she feels like,” Bernard said.

Mr Kelvin Joesef, a male hairstylist, said that the fashion trend had become popular among women of different classes, and ages among others.

“The difference between the braided wig and the plaited hair cannot be over-emphasised, because women are now free from stress with help of the braided or weavon wigs.

“This trend has been embraced by most women to the extent that you rarely find ladies who do not put on braided wigs; it is trending among the women folks.

“It has really made some women to look glamorous and more attractive,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Antony Onyibe, a dealer of the wigs, Nyanya Main Market, said the selling of the wigs was a lucrative business because of the demand as well as the patronage.

Onyibe added that prices of braided wigs differed because it depended on the quality.

Some vary between N150,000 to N200,000 even more than that. While you could get some from N5,000 to N50,000 even lesser, but it depends on quality.