Trump’s inauguration to be attended by 800,000 people


The U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said he is expecting a huge turnout of people at his inauguration on January 20.

He said that people are actually pouring into Washington DC to witness the historic event.

His expectation is contrary to suggestions in certain quarters that the inauguration of the 45th president will witness a low turnout.

According to report from News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) almost 50 Democratic Congress members have announced their boycott of the inauguration after civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis announced his, on the note that he did not regard Trump as a legitimate president.

Several groups, including celebrities and civil rights organisations, are also planning to stage a protest aganist some of Trump’s planned controversial policies and rhetoric during the campaigns and after winning the election.

A survey also projected Trump’s inauguration to be attended by about 800, 000 people compared with President Barack Obama’s record almost two million people.

“People are pouring into Washington in record numbers”, Trump tweeted,

“Bikers for Trump are on their way. It will be a great Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

“The same people, who did the phoney election polls, and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls.

“They are rigged just like before,” Trump tweeted.

He said his inauguration was not the first Lewis would boycott, recalling that he also missed that of former President George W. Bush.

“Sounds familiar!” Trump said on his Twitter handle.

The President-elect also accused the media of getting the survey and analysis wrong, recalling how their analyses and polls against his election failed.

“‘How Trump Won–And How The Media Missed It’” Trump tweeted, and then quoted a Breitbart story: “How Media covered Trump – without listening to him or his voters”.

The President-in-waiting also announced that he was already bringing jobs to the U.S. even before being sworn-in as president.

“With all of the jobs I am bringing back into the U.S. (even before taking office), with all of the new auto plants coming back into our country and with the massive cost reductions I have negotiated on military purchases and more, I believe the people are seeing ‘big stuff.

“Thank you to General Motors and Walmart for starting the big jobs push back into the U.S.!” Trump tweeted.


Posted by Juliet Ekwebelam

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