Sukur Heritage site: Foundation urges FG to provide healthcare services for hilltop community

Some members of Sukur community during a skill acquisition program organised by AFDIFF.


The African International Documentary Festival Foundation (AFDIFF), an NGO, has solicited for healthcare services for residents of Sukur cultural landscape, a hilltop community in Adamawa state.

Mrs Malame Mangzha, Director-General of AFDIFF made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday, in Abuja.

NAN reports that Sukur, in Madagali local government area of Adamawa,  was the first in Africa’s cultural landscape to receive a World Heritage list inscription.

Manghza, who said the community has received 70 per cent restoration, however highlighted access to healthcare services as a challenge to the residents.

” The National Commission for Museums and Monuments, one of our major partners, was able to renovate one of the structure in the community as a health facility and it’s a big space.

” With the structure in place, what we need now are health workers and volunteers who will not only provide services to the people but also train a few of them on at least, first aid treatment.

” It will be difficult for the health workers to live on the mountain or even below the mountain with the hope to visit daily to assist the community.

” However, if they can train auxiliary persons who will attend to the community while health extension workers, nurses or even a doctor from the nearest town visits once or twice a week, it will help them greatly, “he said.

She described as tedious, having residents of the community go down the hill and farther into nearby towns to access health care, which she added was not regular, as they depended on local herbs.


Manghza emphasised the need for children in the community to gain free access to services like immunisation, vaccination and other free healthcare for children and women.

She said that the foundation would not relent on its effort to ensure the community was fully restored, while appealing for a speedy intervention from stakeholders alike.

She also noted that AFDIFF, alongside its partners have been able to train 100 women and youths of the community on various skills, like tailoring, pottery and ceramics, and metal works among others.

The director added that solar power, water, internet facility and a school library were among the amenities provided for the community with efforts from collaborating partners.

NAN reports that the sukur landscape is situated over 1000m above sea level on a hilltop along Nigeria-Cameroun border in Adamawa.

NAN also reports that AFIDFF, is an organisation founded on the ideals of national and international cultural values, dedicated to the preservation of Africa.