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Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun on Thursday broke into tears at the pitiable sight of inmates at Oba prison in Abeokuta.

Amosun, who had earlier granted amnesty to 15 inmates at Ibara prison also in Abeokuta, could not hold back his emotions at Oba prison over what he described as the  “inhuman condition” to which the inmates were subjected.

The governor was informed that majority of the 492 inmates on awaiting trial list at the prison had spent between four and seven years in jail.

He ordered immediate medical attention for the inmates with critical medical conditions and directed that others should be taken to the hospital.

While conceding that prison services was under the control of the Federal Government, Amosun said it would be irresponsible of any leader to neglect the conditions of prison inmates.
He expressed dismay at the deplorable state of prisons saying it would not enhance rehabilitation of inmates.

“I have come to share today with them and see if I can commit death sentences passed on some of them to life imprisonment based on the recommendations from relevant quarters.
“I think it is a big shame and I feel so ashamed really that I am a governor in this kind of condition that I have seen.

“It is clear that these people are traumatised and dehumanised under this very appalling condition.
The condition here is like sending someone to an early grave,” he said and promised to pay regular visits to prisons.


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  1. Omoruyi Ugbo says

    Oga Governor, sympathy in this regard is not welcome.pls use part of security vote to upgrade the prison facilities so that successive governor would come to shed more empty tears!

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