It’s that time of the year again! Yes! That time when residents of Lagos feel the highest level of discomfort and the farmerrubber shoess up north are screaming“Allahu Akbar”. That time when residents in certain parts of Lagos begin to fear the aftermath of heavy rain storms and also that time when we have to reconsider our outfits.

Of course, when the rain comes, we often think twice or more times about what we want to wear out in the event it rains. No one wants to go out and look all messed up. We tend not to put on long dresses, long jeans/trousers, suede shoes or clothing items that cannot withstand the rain. So we go for clothes and accessories that can withstand the weather because we do not want to catch a cold or mess up our pretty shoes- especially our SHOES!

Rubber shoes are available as solutions. Rubber is known to be weather resistant. Therefore, rubber shoes will keep your feet completely dry because of their waterproof exterior while the insulation makes sure you stay warm in cold temperatures. They are comfortable to wear all day long and offer durability against the wear and tear of activities such as walking, running or farming. Rubber shoes also offer traction to ensure that the chance of slipping in treacherous weather conditions is minimized. The rubber exterior makes them easy to clean. Women can buy them in a variety of colors and designs and men can opt for black rubber slip-ons that easily fit over their attire. The rubber handbag is also a must have if you do not want important documents soaked up by the rain.

In fact prospective corps members should have a pair of rubber trainers on their ‘to buy’ list if they do not want to go through the stress of washing white trainers everyday in NYSC camp. Various brands such as Aldo, Ocean Club, and Vivienne Westwood have beautiful designs that fit your style. The rubber shoes are very affordable, long lasting and never go out of fashion.


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