PDP Will Capture South-East In 2015- Jonathan


President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday boasted that the Peoples Democratic Party will will against all odds capture the entire South-East region come 2015.

Speaking at the Unity Rally organised to reconcile aggrieved party members in the zone, Jonathan said “In the South-East, the PDP is total. Every state has a maximum of three senators and a minimum of three senators. It is now clear the South-East is a PDP zone.”

Though the President refrained from mentioning the name of the All Progressives Congress, he took a swipe at the opposition party, describing it as nothing near progressive. He said the PDP was more democratic than other political parties in Nigeria.

He said, “One party tags themselves as progressives but where are they progressing to. It is only in such progressive party that you find an ex-governor determining who gets what and how.”

He asked, “Is that what you mean by progressives?

“We are not like one party in this country where one man or a group of people determines how the party is run. The national chairman of the PDP or any of its governors can’t cancel a ward congress of the party just like that and with impunity. I as the President don’t even have the powers to do so, but it is happening in a political party in this country.”

He said the PDP was more democratic because it would not cancel ward congresses across the states without considering the wish of its members, adding that it was not like some other party where a local government chairman can cancel a ward congress for no justifiable reason and without the people’s opinion.

President Jonathan said the PDP is the only political platform in Nigeria where the voice of the people could count and decisions are taken based on the majority and popular vote.


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