Over 30,000 vehicles have no valid documents in Ondo State – Govt

“We cannot over-emphasise sensitivity or importance of transportation in human endeavour and transportation is always having man behind it and it is the man that is criminal.


The Ondo State Ministry of Transport says that over 30,000 vehicles in the state have no valid vehicle documents .
Tobi Ogunleye, the Special Adviser (SA) to the State Governor on Transport, stated this during a press briefing on security and safety in transportation in Akure on Wednesday.
Ogunleye said that it is worrisome that most vehicles in the state do not have the required approval to be on the roads.
He stated that the ministry, in conjunction with other major stakeholders, had started comprehensive enforcement of proper documentation on Wednesday.
“We cannot over-emphasise sensitivity or importance of transportation in human endeavour and transportation is always having man behind it and it is the man that is criminal.
“We can only regulate activities of that man who is associated with transportation through proper documentation and data capturing.
“From our rough data capturing so far, Ondo State has about 35,000 vehicles excluding motorcycles (called Okada) and tricycles (Keke) which are supposed to register with the Ondo State Licensing Office but from our records, only about 3,000 vehicles are faithful in the renewal or updating of their documents.
“We discovered this deficit and we want to sanitise our society from hoodlums. We are putting security and safety first. You are endangering other road users if you are using vehicles that are not road-worthy,” he stated.
The SA said that the ministry had commenced comprehensive stop and search operation for proper documentation of vehicles in the state and vehicles going through the state.
According to him, the fallout of banditry and other criminal activities in some states could have great effects on the state if proper documentation of vehicles and other means of transportation are not enforced.
He explained that defaulters would be made to update their vehicle records immediately they are caught, saying if there is the need to hand defaulters to police, the ministry will not hesitate.
Ogunleye said that the exercise, which would be continuous, is not a new policy but ‘we are now doing it comprehensively. It is a normal thing.’
He pleaded to those in positions of authority to allow the exercise to be successful, asking them to encourage their kinsmen and supporters to obey traffic rules and order.
“All my associates in the cabinet, House of Assembly and others should allow it work. When we use government of ‘man know man’, we will be getting it wrong everyday. This is government of rules and order,” he pleaded.
The SA also urged motorcycle and tricycle riders to register with the state government, adding that it is compulsory for every rider to be trained at the Ondo State Riders/Drivers Institute in Oba Ile, Akure.
He said that each trainee would pay just N3,000 for the training, adding that every rider, either private or commercial purpose, must be trained in the institute and be given riders’ licences.
“It is a compulsory training for every rider. It is just N3,000 and you will be given a licence. We are not harsh now. We are subtle on it because it is new,” he said.
He reiterated government’s stand on “taxi colour culture”, saying some cab drivers are flouting the directive.
According to him, the state governor, Mr Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has ordered that any taxi cab not painted in the colours of Ondo State would be impounded.
“In fact, we have started impounding them. Every taxi cab must be painted in yellow and blue. That is the customised colour. The number plate for taxi is red.
“We will become more aggressive starting from now to impound defaulters.
“We have had meetings with operators and informed them about the need to have special identification numbers to be inscribed on the two front doors of cabs.
“So, we are well prepared to ensure sanity on our roads,” he stated.
The special adviser also warned inter-state vehicles plying the state to desist from using illegal plate numbers such as presidency and illegitimate use of plate number colour.
“We have impounded about 60 commercial vehicles with green number plate. It must be red not blue, not green  The enforcement covers all. The other one is number plate with presidency, ECOWAS,” he warned.
Ogunleye, therefore, tasked passengers to always patronise government accredited motor parks, saying that the state government had initiated a safety insurance scheme in every park that would ensure passengers’ safety.
He noted that most victims of armed robberies on the roads and kidnapping are passengers boarding vehicles on road sides.



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