STL & SPILIn this special report, BRANDPOWER focuses on 2 companies from Nigeria’s industrial giants, Sona Group of Industries. Each of them caters to the unique needs of different categories of the Nigerian manufacturing sector. Surely, Shongai Technologies Limited and Shongai Packaging Limited are two great companies that are well poised to make Nigeria’s resurgence as a globally respected Nigerian manufacturing hub become a reality in line with the vision of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Shongai Technologies Limited

Shongai Technologies Limited, a proud member of Shongai group of companies, is the one-stop shop for all Flexible Packaging, Labels & Mono Cartons with a wide range of applications and products for diverse industries. Shongai Technologies commenced commercial production in September 2013 and we have since then been growing from strength to strength by providing high quality, global-best products and services to a fast-rising list of highly discerning clients.

Our high-quality products Edible oil packaging (First in Nigeria Market), Lubricant packaging, Food packaging, Cosmetic packaging, Detergent packaging, Tube packaging (tooth paste & other gel products). Below are details of our unique packaging solutions:


Shongai Technologies Flexible Laminates Division is equipped with “Windmöller & Hölscher Printing Machine – from Germany” to print 10 Colours simultaneously with a rotary speed of 450 meters per minute. This makes us a leader in the Africa’s flexible printing industry. We use laser engraved cylinders, printing width of 1300mm and roll diameter of 1000mm. We have two solventless “Nordmeccanica Lamination Machines – Italy” – especially for packaging of food products.


Shongai Technologies Blown Film Varex – our 5 layer blown film machine from “Windmöller & Hölscher – from Germany” makes us stand miles ahead of the competition, by giving us the edge to deliver products that were previously imported into the country. We are specialists in producing barrier films for oil, meat, tomato paste, Honey and other Food Grade Items. We also produce laminate films, shrink & stretch films.2 Shongai Technologies Limited



With 2 Gallus machines from Switzerland, we are in the business of producing self-adhesive labels for various industries and different applications. At Shongai Technologies Limited, we have put in place lot of measures to enable our clients choose their self-adhesive labels based on size, substrate, (paper, plastic, PP transparent, metallised etc.) environment, permanence of label, waterproof and oil-proof etc. Our “RotoFlex Machine from USA is for slitting, rewinding and inspects each and every label for quality defects if any.3 Shongai Technologies Limited



We also produce Duplex Mono Cartons with state of the art facilities that puts us ahead of competition with our “Heidelberg” CX 102 6 Colours Printing Machine, “Heidelberg” Suprasetter A 106 CtP Machine, “Heidelberg” Variamatrix 105 CS Die Cutting Machine, “Heidelberg” Diana X80 and Easy Gluer Machines, We produce Quality Mono Cartons and Paper Labels in Large Quantities and Timely deliveries for our customers In Soap,  Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Biscuits, Confectionery, Toothpaste, Cosmetics & Toiletries. We also have the facility to emboss.4 Shongai Technologies Limited


Our esteemed clients include:  PZ, UAC Foods, 7UP, Reckitt Benckiser, Oando, NDL, Pernod Ricard, NB, Daraju, Givanas, Dangote, SUNOLA FOODS LTD, Nestle Peak Milk, Cadbury, Glaxo Smithkline, Unilever, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Seven-Up, Chi Products, Indomie Noodles, Heineken, Star, Guinness, Euro Global Foods and Distilleries etc.


Our focus remains purely on creating value for our customers and their consumers at all times. Ultimately, our commitment to excellence, innovation and best practice has driven not just our growth but those of our many satisfied clients.


Save Nigeria’s hard-earned Dollars by producing world-class made-in-Nigeria products with world-class flexible packaging support services from Shongai Technologies.5 Shongai Technologies Limited




Shongai Packaging Industry LimitedShongai Packaging Industry Limited 1

Incorporated in 1977, Shongai Packaging Industry Limited is also a proud member of the prestigious Sona Group of Industries. Shongai Packaging Industry Limited commenced production in 1981 and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The company produces high quality injection moulding products like rugged crates for beer & beverage industry, durable injection molded plastic pallets, various types of caps & closures, domestic items like Happy Family basins and buckets from 7 ltrs to 60 ltrs, 50ltr drum with lids for multipurpose use, bakery & fishing crates as well as durable injection molded plastic furniture’s likes chairs, tables, student study tables, kiddies chairs and tables etc. Today, our client list for crates includes such multinationals as: Nigerian Breweries Plc, Guinness Nig. Plc, Consolidated Breweries Plc, Sab Miller Plc., etc.

Due to increasing opportunities in the packaging industry, Shongai later diversified into manufacturing of various plastic packaging products for numerous industrial customers in the Oil Industry, Paint & Building Industry, Automobile, Agriculture & Fishing, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetics Industries.

By way of expansion and diversification, Shongai has added the production of plastic pallets to its array of products, adding such multinational companies to her clientele such as PZ, Unilever, Dana group, Procter & Gamble, May & Baker, Indomie group, AJE Group, Flour Mills etc.

Shongai has also gone into production of Furniture- chairs and tables for events and schools, kiddies’ tables and chairs. Over the past 15 years, the company has achieved steady growth in its business activities and has become a leading plastics packaging company in Nigeria.  The company’s products are known for quality and continue to enjoy good patronage from reputable customers across the industries serviced by the company.

Recently, looking at the growing need for reducing environmental burden and recycling of plastics waste around the country, the company embarked on a bold venture of setting up one of the most modern plastics waste recycling facility and has set up the highest capacity recycling plant in Nigeria which converts all types of plastics into reusable form. It now utilizes this plastic recycled material to manufacture high quality plastic injection molded pallets that are a direct replacement of wooden pallets thereby further reducing environmental burden and deforestation. These came on stream in 2011. Products are in 3 sizes of 1200 mm x 1200 mm, 1200 mm x 1000 mm & 1250 mm x 1070 mm and are produced from Regrind and Virgin materials.

The company is located at Km 38, Lagos Abeokuta Express way Sango Ota, Ogun State and share the same premises with Nigerian Breweries Plc. A detailed market analysis for Shongai Packaging Industry Limited would however be best appreciated when we take a look at the company’s products:

Plastic Pallets

Shongai Packaging Limited has pioneered the production of plastic pallets in Nigeria and West Africa using recycled plastic materials to replace wooden pallets which deplete our forest reserves and have a lot of disadvantages. Our quality standards are in line the global standards while our innovative strides in this area has immediate and long term economic and environmental benefits.Shongai Packaging Industry Limited 1

The benefits of plastic pallets over wooden pallets include the ability to be easily sanitized, resistance to odour, fire retardancy, longer service life span, durability and better product protection, non-splintering, and lighter weight, thus saving on transportation and labor costs and making them safer and more environmentally friendly.

Wood pallets can pose serious bio-hazard risks as they are susceptible to bacterial and chemical contamination, such as E. coli problems in food and produce transportation and even insect infestation, and thus the need for ISPM. Also, plastic pallets are re-usable and recyclable, while used wood pallets have disposal issues. At, Shongai Packaging, we have two high-tech plastic recycling plants with an overall production capacity of 100 metric tons per day.

Plastic Crates:

Shongai is a major supplier of crates to: Nigerian Breweries Plc., Guinness Nig. Plc., DIL/Maltex Plc.,  Vitamalt Plc., Consolidated Breweries Plc. Tafsan Beverages (Nasmalt), Sab Miller Plc.Shongai Packaging Industry Limited 2

Cosmetic Jars:

Introduced in 1997, the company has the best quality 450grams jar in the Nigerian market today, used by cosmetic manufacturers and oil marketing Companies for their grease.

The company has recently introduced the tamper proof brand of this jar along with other sizes of 250 grams, 100 grams and 65 grams.Shongai Packaging Industry Limited 3

Paint Containers:

Shongai was the first company to introduce 20ltr paint container into the Nigerian market in 1992. Today the market is huge but very competitive.  We have continued in our pride of place in this market with our very high quality products & printing.Shongai Packaging Industry Limited 4

Storage Crates:

This is a unique product solely produced in Nigeria by Shongai Packaging Industry Ltd. Companies in Agriculture, Fishing and Ice Cream business use it.  Demand is seasonal, but increasing steadily.Shongai Packaging Industry Limited 5

Household Products:

This is produced for the domestic markets and demand is very good. This “Happy Family” branded product is the flagship of our domestic basins products.Shongai Packaging Industry Limited 6


The Company’s major customers across the product lines are:


  1. Beer Crates: Nigerian Breweries Plc., Guinness Nig Plc., Consolidated Breweries Plc., Interfact Beverages Ltd., International Breweries
  2. 450gm Cosmetic Jars: Emos Best Ind. Ltd. Onitsha, Beauty Fair Lab Ltd. Lagos, Willow Ind. Ltd. Onitsha
  3. Paint Containers (4ltr, 10ltr & 20ltr.): Portland Paints Plc., Purechem Industries, D.N. Meyer, Berger Paints, Chemstar Paints Ind. Nig. Ltd., Uzor Global Paint Ltd.
  4. Storage Crates: Fan Milk Plc. Ibadan, Cadbury Nig. Plc., Agro Products Nig. Ltd Lagos, UAC Foods, Bhojraj Ind. Ltd, Lagos
  5. Basins & Buckets: Domestic Market
  6. Plastic Pallets: Ashmina, PZ, P&G, Ajeast, etc.
  7. Plastic Nozzles & Caps: First Aluminum Nig. Plc.
  8. Measuring Cups: All Pharmaceutical Companies
  9. Furniture Items: Product/corporate branding and Open Market Sales



Let us join hands and make Nigerians proud of Nigerian-made products and heritage through the production of globally certified products presented in globally certified packaging.


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