Nigeria’s 2018 Broadband Target Achievable


By Segun Oniyide

Omobola Johnson, Nigeria’s communication technology minister. CC image courtesy of the World Economic Forum, on Flickr.Omobola Johnson, Nigeria’s minister of communication technology, has said the nation can still achieve its 2018 target of fivefold broadband growth and affordable access to the internet.

At a recent forum in Lagos, the minister said the goals are realistic and achievable.

“We are realistic about the target.  We are aware of the challenges. We are dealing with policy challenges. We are discussing with the state governments on right of way issue,” she said.

Johnson said the nation’s broadband policy is a great tool that would make it possible for Nigeria to achieve the goals if the policy is carefully executed and all stakeholders play their respective roles actively.

“With increased broadband penetration and access, Nigeria will do more to contribute to Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” she said, adding that the National Broadband Strategy and Roadmap would “articulate how we will deliver these broadband targets, local government by local, and state by state”.

She asked state governments across Nigeria to support telecoms operators in their respective states to help facilitate broadband penetration across the state.

“The ability of federal government to achieve fast broadband roll out, lies in the hands of state governments,” Johnson said. “If state governors allow telecoms infrastructure to be built quickly at reduced cost in their states, it would help deliver all the benefits of broadband in the country before 2017.”

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