NFF: Keshi is too big to Control



The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) officials seem to have given up in their quest to subject Super Eagles Head Coach, Stephen Keshi to their control.

The head coach of the Super Eagles team refused to succumb to the demands of the NFF, and insisted on running his team his own way.

Indications show that Keshi has emerged the winner of the supremacy battle with the NFF leadership.

A very top management staff of the NFF, who did not want his name in print told that they have lost their authority on the Coach he said they employed.

He said Keshi no longer heed to their instructions and does whatsoever he wants with impunity.

The NFF top management staff attributed Keshi’s insubordination to the backing from the Presidency, stating that as a result, Keshi no longer has regard for their president, Aminu Maigari who personally made it possible for him to be employed in the first place.

“It is so pathetic that Keshi has to treat us the way he has been treating us. We fought for him to be given the job and we have supported him which is why he has achieved the much he has achieved since he took charge,” the NFF official said.

“We are very much aware of the call from Nigerians that some of our players who are doing well in their clubs in Europe be included in the provisional list. But there is very little we can do because he will not listen to us and it is really unfortunate. Every coach all over the world work with their FA to decide the player that would be invited for a crucial tournament like the World Cup.

“The problem is that Nigerians have so supported him against us and he is enjoying the support of those at the higher authority. This is why he is undermining us and flaunts our order with impunity.”

Keshi and the NFF have been locked in a supremacy battle over the number of players to be included in the provisional World Cup list. Keshi had refused to appear before the NFF technical committee when he was invited to defend his list and he had said recently that he will only make his list public whenever he is ready.

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  1. Christie Nonyem Obiorah says

    Let them leave him alone to do his job. He has proved his capability. If he fails, let him bear the responsibilty, ‘too many hands spoil the soup’!

  2. Nyetkatangwat Jonathan Nuhu says

    Why meddling in his afiars ? This is practicals & not office work NFF. So, let Keshi be Keshi !!!!!!

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