Never Marry By Prophesy As It Is Not Totally A Spiritual Affair- Bishop Isaac Idahosa Says As He Celebrates 28th Wedding Anniversary With Wife



General Overseer of God First Ministries, Inc.,- Illumination Assembly, Archbishop Isaac Idahosa has explained that couples should never marry anyone by prophesy as it is not totally a spiritual affair.

The vivacious Televangelist said this in an interview with as he celebrates his 28th wedding anniversary with wife, Reverend Mrs. Christy Idahosa.

When asked how he has been able to keep a successful home front these past years with the growing rate of divorces and marital breakdowns in the society today, including in the church, the 55 year old Archbishop ascribes his marital success to God being the bedrock.

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“It is God. He remains the bedrock of any successful marriage. To be successful in marriage too, the couple must continue to prefer each other above anything else. Mutual respect, love and forgiveness are also very important for any marriage to succeed. The couple must also be intentional about their communication too,” he explained.

Admitting honestly that couples are bound to offend each other, and his own marriage was not an exception, he however reiterated that understanding each other and being willing to forgive each other was also very key.

Speaking further, on the rate of divorces in the society currently, the bishop shares some vital nuggets to help people in marriages, especially those who are about to take the decision. He explains that although, God is interested in every marriage succeeding, marriage is however not an all spiritual affair, man has a lot of work to put into it.

“Marriage is not totally a spiritual affair, that is why you must never marry anyone by prophesy. Instead the choice of whom to marry must be based on conviction. Before marriage, you must know the person enough to want to share your life with them. You must understand their vision and see if it works with yours. That is why dating is very important, it helps you know your partner considerably well enough.

“And the man must be willing to love his wife unconditionally, that is what the scripture teaches, husbands love your wives, and wives respect your husbands. The man must give love unconditionally. Women are Garbage In, Garbage Out. It is the amount of love you deposit you will get back.”

Recounting how he met his beautiful wife 29 years ago, Archbishop Designate Idahosa told that although, he was a shy young man at the time, he still took his with chance young Christy whom he had met in Yola on one of his outbound ministrations as a guest minister at Praise Chapel.

“I used to be very shy back then, although, I had started ministry already then. Actually, I met my wife in Yola, in a church where I was invited to minister in 1991. It was at Praise Chapel, led by Bishop Adoh. It was at the church I noticed the lady with an exceptional voice, ministering in music.

“She was then part of a group known then as The Anointed Singers. She was also schooling then in Mina, Niger State.

“Then my ministry was in it’s infant stage, so I approached her and invited her to come help me groom my choir, and she agreed, that was how I met my wife,” the preacher concluded.

The family is blessed with two adorable children, Christabel and Osagie Apostle Idahosa.


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