National Troupe positioned to elevate Nigerian arts globally – CEO

National Troupe of Nigeria,, NTN, Ahmed MohammedThe National Troupe of Nigeria (NTN)  says it has been positioned to showcase and elevate Nigeria’s rich performing arts to the world.
Mr Ahmed Mohammed, the Artistic Director/CEO og the NTN stated this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.
According to him, the organisation is established for the promotion and safeguarding of Nigeria’s  cherished art forms.
Mr Ahmed Mohammed - The Artistic Director, NTN
Mr Ahmed Mohammed – The Artistic Director, NTN

Mohammed added that  the  troupe served as the guardian of Nigeria’s traditional and modern cultural expressions.

He said the National Troupe held a vital position in elevating Nigerian performing arts globally.
He  further explained that  with its engaging performances, interactive workshops, and partnerships with local and international artistes and
groups, the organisation effectively showcased the  richness of Nigerian culture to the  global audience.
“Over the years, the National Troupe has played the role of exporting the rich Nigerian culture and performing arts by representing Nigeria in various parts of the world.
”Some of the world include countries in Africa, Europe, South America and the United States of America.
“Exporting Nigeria’s performing arts is not only significant for the country itself,  but also for the global cultural landscape.
“The importance of promoting and exporting Nigerian performing arts lies in the richness of Nigeria’s diverse cultures, the potential for cultural exchange, and the significant role played by the troupe ,” he said
The NTN boss  expressed belief that Nigerian performing arts could be a powerful  tool for cultural exchange, while highlighting the importance of performing arts.
Mohammed noted that when people from different cultures experienced Nigerian performing arts, they learned about the country’s culture and traditions, which happened to be of great benefit to national development.
” This will help to promote  understanding and appreciation of Nigeria  culture, as well as helping in breaking  down stereotypes and prejudices.
“Diversity is  reflected in various aspects of Nigerian culture,  which include art, music, cuisine and religious practices, making Nigeria a captivating and multifaceted nation,” he added.
Mohammed further said that Nigerian performing arts held immense significance,  as a reflection of the country’s cultural diversity.
According  to him, performing arts serve as  living expressions of the various ethnic groups, showcasing their unique traditions, languages, and ways of life.
He added that Nigerian performing arts were  important for various reasons, including cultural showcase, preservation of heritage,  national identity, educational global representation,  innovation, fusion, economic potential, among others.
“The  cultural expressions in Nigeria varied, representing a rich tapestry of traditions, beliefs and artistic forms.
” This depth  is  derived from the country’s diverse ethnic groups, each contributing its unique heritage.
“Among the aspects that highlight the richness of Nigerian culture are linguistic diversity, visual arts and crafts, music,  dynamic dance forms, oral traditions,  storytelling  and festivals.
“Others are culinary delights, literary legacy, innovative contemporary expressions,” he said.