Missing Malaysian Jet: Debris May Have Sunk



A search for two large objects that may be from the missing Malaysia Airlines jet has concluded for the day without any sight of flight MH370.

Friday’s operation involved five aircraft, including three RAAF Orions, and a US Navy P8 Poseidon which scoured a remote area in the southern Indian Ocean of 8,800 sq miles (23,000 sq km).

An Australian P3 Orion search plane arrived back at base in Perth after failing to find any evidence of debris from the missing aircraft. On his return to Perth, flight lieutenant Russell Adams told waiting reporters that conditions were perfect but there was no sign of any wreckage.

“We had really good weather compared to yesterday, better than 10km visibility and there was no rain in the area,” he said.

“Unfortunately the conditions back here precluded us from staying on station as long as we’d like, however there are other aircraft out there still searching. We’ve got a lot of hope. Hopefully we’ll find something soon.”

But Australian deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss admitted the objects spotted on satellite images in the remote southern Indian Ocean may have sunk.

“Something that was floating on the sea that long ago may no longer be floating,” he told reporters in Perth. It may have slipped to the bottom.”

Sky News

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