Marriage: Nigerians speak on older-younger unions


older-younger union, Nigerians, MarriageSome Nigerians, including celebrities, on Sunday in Lagos, said that age difference between intending couples should not be a barrier to an enduring marriage.

In separate interviews, they also said love and compatibility between intending couples should rather be prioritised over the age differences.

The choice of getting married to younger or older partners had remained a controversial issue among Nigerians.

Many are of the opinion that African culture would only accept a man to get married to a younger woman, and a woman to an older partner.

However, individuals have now deviated from such belief, with the opinion that happiness, love, compatibility and understanding between intending couples should be prioritised over the age differences.

A number of male Nigerian celebrities have gotten married to older women with their marriages faring well.

Such marriages include Wizkid and Jada P; Deola and Darey Art Alade; Nigerian comedian, MC Fish and Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph as well as Peter and Lola Okoye.

Veteran Musician, Friday Igwe, popularly known as Baba Fryo said regardless of the age difference between a man and a woman, love and understanding should be paramount.

Also, Bob Nosa, a Visual Artist said “I really don’t think age should be a factor when choosing a life partner, individuals should consider their happiness and fulfillment first, what people say or feel does not matter.

Actor Yemi Shodimu said: “Love and compatibility should be the watchword. Societal dictates shouldn’t be a factor as long as the two are pleased and happy with themselves.

However, Mustapha Abah, a businessman, said that an older lady marrying a younger man could be problematic because of the issue of respect.

Abah said that though, he would not care about respect, he had seen many relationships packing up due to lack of respect from the lady regardless of the age difference.

He also advised that any lady that would love to marry a younger partner should always consider the African culture of respect due to men’s egoistic nature.

“Every man loves to be respected, women should know this. Respect play significant role in marriages but for me, if my love for any older lady is genuine, I will go ahead and marry her,’’ he said.

Also, Magdalane Iduguma, a Seamstress, told NAN that she once dated a younger man, but her parents objected to their marriage.

She said it was a difficult period of her life because she was truly in love with that fellow who was, also, madly in love with her.

According to her, she regretted not going against her parent’s wish as she is currently a single mother.

She advised that parents should also be well guided on issues regarding their children’s choices on marriage.

For Lovelyn Atteh, a practising Nurse, age was mere numbers when it comes to relationships and marriages, adding that religious clerics and marriage councellors had a lot to do when it comes to relationship.

Atteh said individuals should be encouraged to marry their choice partner if it would make them happy throughout their life.

“For me, age is insignificant in marriage, the most important factors to consider is genuine love, happiness and compatibility, ” she said.