Malaysia Jet: Four New Objects Sighted From Air



An Australian plane searching for missing flight MH370 has located four further objects within the search area. The objects were spotted about 1550 miles south-west of Perth by a Royal Australian Air Force P3 Orion aircraft.

“I caution … that we don’t know whether any of these objects are from MH370, they could be flotsam,” Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott told parliament.

“Nevertheless, we are hopeful that we can recover these objects soon and they will take us a step closer to resolving this tragic mystery.”

The Australian military ship HMAS Success is the only vessel currently within the search area. The vessel will try to retrieve the items over the next few hours.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said the entire crew of HMAS Success is keeping a lookout for the objects.

Mr Abbott said a US Navy Poseidon, a second Royal Australian Orion and a Japanese Orion are also en route to the area.

The objects are separate from several “suspicious” floating objects sighted by a Chinese search plane earlier today.

The crew of the military Ilyushin-76 aircraft saw “white and square” objects dispersed over several miles in the southern Indian Ocean.

They included two “relatively big” objects and several smaller ones.

The objects cited by the Chinese were seen near an area identified by satellite imagery as containing possible debris from the missing airliner.

A Chinese military plane had earlier set off from Perth to find “suspicious debris” captured by satellite imagery in the remote waters.

The US Navy has also announced it is sending one of its high-tech black box detectors to the southern Indian Ocean.

Sky News

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  1. Chinedu Nnabugwu says

    stop posting uncomfirmd reports. we need 2 know d final answer nt guessing works

  2. Chinedu Nnabugwu says

    stop posting uncomfirmd reports. we need 2 know d final answer nt guessing works

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