The truth is that Buhari’s government does not give a hoot about what Nigerians think or say

Dr. Isa Pantami
Dr. Isa Pantami, Minister of Communication and Digital Economy

After revelations of his sordid romance with terrorist organisations and allegations of hate preaching that led to deaths in Nigeria, anyone who expected that Nigeria’s minister of communications and digital economy, Isa Pantami, would receive a decent query and punishment from the government of Muhammadu Buhari must have been watching too many movies.

The reality of the Muhammadu Buhari presidency is that no crime is too grievous if you are ‘one of us’. Before now, we have witnessed bizarre incidences where presidential spokesmen hold briefs for murderous herdsmen, providing a rationale, even justification, for their terrorist acts. We have seen the government wave juicy carrots to questionable ‘repentant’ Biko Haram terrorists.

We have seen our armed forces witness and take photographs with murderous bandits during phantom repentance ceremonies. We have seen the presidency defy its own Directorate of State Security and foist Magu as Chairman of the EFCC for 5 years, even after the Senate refused to clear him based on the DSS indictment.

We have seen Buhari’s government keep underperforming service chiefs well beyond their tenures despite the outcries from virtually every quarter that they ought to be replaced to give a fillip to the fight against terrorism and insecurity.

The truth is that Buhari’s government does not give a hoot about what Nigerians think or say. Unfortunately, the government does not also place any premium on elevated social values. Buhari’s government has its own version of truth, decency, morality and justice. It does not matter whether their version makes sense to the discerning mind or not, they just do it!

Pantami is rumoured to be a member of the powerful cabal in the presidency and it would not be surprising if he personally dictated the offensive press statement put out by presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu wherein we were told that Pantami was literally a ‘child’ when he romanced terrorist organisations but has since ‘grown up and changed into a ‘good man’ who has since apologized. Shehu has thereafter gone on over-drive, featuring in various media channels to defend Pantami and rile against those calling for his sack or resignation.

For all we care, Pantami was probably given his ministerial appointment because of (not despite) his ‘fiery’ religious and hate-filled past. Nigerians should brace up to the harsh reality because It would be shocking if he is asked to go. After all, what’s good for the Killer Herdsmen is even better for Pantami.

Nnanke Harry Willie



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