Leadway partner Leytro to deliver Tech-driven Pay-As-You-Drive insurance

“Together, we are reshaping the insurance landscape, revolutionising the adoption process and setting new industry standards,”


Leadway. partner  Leytro,Tech-driven Pay-As-You-Drive, insurance
Leadway Assurance is partnering with Leytro, a leading insurtech company to deliver user-friendly, cost-effective and incentive-driven insurance policies tailored for fleet managers and drivers.

Umashime Oguzor-Doghro of Leadway Assurance in a statement made available on Tuesday in Lagos, said that the alliance was strategic.

Oguzor-Doghro stated that the partnership would harness Leadway’s established industry knowledge and Leytro’s technological expertise to introduce a pioneering pay-as-you-drive insurance model characterised by flexibility and affordability.

She said that fleet managers could now conveniently manage their insurance payments on the go through a dedicated mobile app underpinned by mobile telematics intelligence.

The leadway official explained that the mobile app incorporated telematics intelligence to continuously assess the driving behaviours of policyholders.

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According to her, this capability empowers businesses to optimise their fleet management strategies to seamlessly make insurance payments via the app.

She added that businesses would utilise a pay-as-you-go approach with fair premiums and incentives for safe driving.

“In today’s rapidly evolving landscape driven by technological advancements, forward-thinking organisations must lead the market in evolving innovative solutions and collaborations in the ecosystem. Hence, our timely partnership with Leytro.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Leytro to introduce this innovative insurance solution for fleet managers.

“This is to ensure that car insurance is not only accessible but that premiums are built on utility and behavioural profile.


” The synergy of Leytro’s cutting-edge technology and our unwavering industry expertise enables us to offer a transformative pay-as-you-drive insurance solution that caters to the unique requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.

“Together, we are reshaping the insurance landscape, revolutionising the adoption process and setting new industry standards,” she said.

The Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Leytro, Mr Nathaniel Bubu, also said that the partnership between Leytro and Leadway represented a significant milestone in harnessing technology to drive change, with a deep understanding of human behaviour.

Bubu stated that Leytro was committed to revolutionising the insurance sector by leveraging on its advanced telematics technology.

He noted that the collaboration empowered the firm to provide businesses with a more personalised and cost-effective insurance solution, fundamentally altering the way small business owners manage their fleets.

“We strongly believe in rewarding responsible drivers and through our cash reward programme for safe driving, we aim to incentivise prudent behaviour on the road.

”This not only benefits drivers but also contributes to creating a safer driving environment for all road users,” the Leytro boss said.

According to him, the initiative strongly emphasises delivering a seamless claims experience.

Bubu said through the use of technology and automation, the claims payment process had been streamlined to ensure swift and hassle-free resolutions for customers.