Instagram Users Frustrated As Service Goes Down


A screen displays the Instagram logo during a presentation by co-founder Kevin Systrom as he announces the launch of a new direct image messaging service named Instagram Direct in New York

The popular photo-sharing service Instagram is currently not working, causing frustrated users to vent their anger on Twitter and other websites.

The company has acknowledged there is a problem, writing on its official Twitter feed that there is a “feed delivery issue” which it is working on. It is not clear what has caused the outage or how long it will take to fix.

“RED ALERT We are at DEFCON 1,” wrote the technology news website TechCrunch in response to the downtime.

This was accompanied by an image of a man on a phone with the caption: “Instagram is down. Just describe your lunch to me,” a joke linked to the popularity of users sharing photos of meals through the service.

One user wrote on Twitter: “The fact that Instagram is down actually hurts me inside. This is a problem.”

Another user in Texas tweeted: “Instagram is down but my self esteem isn’t b/c now I don’t have to see selfies from all the HoTtTt ppl I follow.”

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