Fulani Herdsmen: These Attacks seem to be orchestrated



Certain groups of terrorists who parade themselves as Fulani herdsmen have been causing mayhem in the northern states of Nigeria.

The conflict between Fulani herdsmen and local farmers over land rights, particularly in central Nigeria, has persisted for more than a decade despite series of peace efforts across several states.

There have been recent crisis in Benue, Kastina, Zamfara, Kaduna, just to name a few.

There were many cases of this attack in Benue state in 2013. In July 2013, gunmen suspected to be Fulani marauders, dressed in military uniform, invaded some villages in Guma Local Council of Benue State and killed 20 residents. Also, another village in the area, of Akuloko, was attacked during which no fewer than 12 persons were feared killed.

In June 2013, Nasarawa communities were attacked;  the gunmen who were dressed in riot police uniform and armed with sophisticated weapons, including AK47 and explosives, abducted two members of the community. 35 houses and four cars belonging to the Agatu people of the area were also torched. “Over 500 militants dressed in riot police uniforms and heavily armed with sophisticated weapons ranging from AK47 guns, sub-machine guns and explosives, shot sporadically as they were strategically positioned round the village to ensure that all inhabitants of the locality were consumed.”

In February, an army of Fulani herdsmen reportedly invaded some communities in Kaduna and started shooting indiscriminately, about 30 people were killed.

March 6th this year,“Over 30 persons have been reportedly killed in Kwande, Katsina/Ala and Logo local government areas of Benue state after suspected Fulani herdsmen dressed in military uniforms sacked six villages in the three council areas.

Also in March, there was an invasion in Katsina state; a gang of about 90 men dressed in different attires raided Kurar Mota and Marabar villages.

Some of the terrorists were said to be dressed in army uniforms, while others wore Fulani attires.

The armed men who raided the villages in sophisticated weapons shot sporadically.


Last month, a total of 100 people were killed in Kaduna state when the assailants armed with weapons stormed villages in the state.

People were killed in the state when assailants armed with guns and machetes attacked local farming villages.

Fulani leaders have for years complained about the loss of grazing land crucial to their livelihood, and resentment between the herdsmen and their agrarian neighbours has risen over the past decade.

This April, Zamfara state was under attack. Gunmen dressed in Nigerian Military uniforms and riding motorcycles stormed the agrarian villages and began shooting sporadically; over 200 people were killed.

In the most recent case these men of the underworld stormed Unguwar Galadima in Zamfara where over 215 were killed, it was described that the attackers even had intel of the vigilante meeting going on and came specifically for that purpose. The attack lasted for three hours without any intervention from any security forces; till the entire town was burned down to the assailants’ satisfaction. One wonders how these unknown gunmen can have proper and accurate intelligence of when to attack, yet our security services with the wealth of the nation and the official office to protect Nigeria never has intelligence on where and when these unknown gunmen are meeting or attacking to likewise ambush, apprehend or eliminate them.

These disputes vary from state to state and often have a religious element, especially in areas where farmers are predominantly Christian.

This rampant bloodshed seems like a deliberate orchestrated plot by some people in order to frustrate and tarnish the nation’s image.  One begins to wonder how these so called herdsmen have access to military uniforms and sophisticated weapons.

The reality and sad part of it all, is that there has not been any concrete solution to this mass massacre by the state security. Innocent citizens are being slaughtered on a near daily basis.

Nigeria is currently among the most terrorized nation in the world, with the most deaths between January and April this year, of any nation not in active war. Nigerians need to know who is exterminating us and what our risks or hopes are in this disheveling and debilitating scenario. Enough is enough.


Who really are these marauding gunmen?

What is the nation’s security service doing to stop this massacre?

How are these agents of death able to have easy access to military uniforms and sophisticated weapons?

What do the people need to know as regards their safety and security?

How is that the events carried out in the affected northern states seem to be the same pattern?

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