Children’s Day: NBA condemns child labour

“Children’s Day celebration presents a good opportunity to draw public consciousness to the dangers of child abuse.


A member of the Nigerian Bar Association National Executive Committee (NBA-NEC), Mr Promise Ademi-Akpeto, on Friday condemned acts of child labour in society

Ademi-Akpeto spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the occasion of the 2022 Children’s Day celebration.

NAN reports that May 27, is a national day, set aside to recognise and celebrate children all over the nation.

He called on parents to always remember the day and celebrate their children and wards.

“Children’s Day celebration presents a good opportunity to draw public consciousness to the dangers of child abuse.

“Children are indispensable gifts from the Almighty, and they deserve to be recognised on this day.

“Closely associated with this celebration is the need for parents, guardians, caregivers, institutions of learning, and society in general to ensure the preservation of child rights.

“The provisions of the Child Rights Act give us a pointer to the inalienable rights of children, irrespective of their age, which must be respected by even parents,” he said

Ademi-Akpeto said that a good number of parents in society were responsible for promoting child labour with a resultant effect of child abuse.


He noted that celebrations such as Children’s Day, should serve to reawaken public consciousness on the rights of a child.

“Beyond this celebration, it behooves us all as child stakeholders, to condemn in strong terms, acts that are capable of endangering the lives of children.

“Every child is entitled to quality life and education, and so, no child should be “pushed” to street hawking while others are in the classrooms.

“No child should be subjected to servitude, slavery, defilement, and indecent assault of any sort.

“Being most vulnerable members of society, the welfare of every child should be of paramount concern to all individual,” he said.

Ademi-Akpeto, therefore, urged all law enforcement agencies to join hands in ensuring the sustenance of child rights and liberties.




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