Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey is the 32nd woman in the world who says her bottom is 7ft wide.
Mother-of-two Sarah Massey said she had turned her life around by regaining her confidence through a series of photoshoots posted online.

The 33-year-old, who wears size 10XL trousers and once cracked a toilet bowl by sitting on it, said: ‘Every day I get some kind of comment thrown at me, both good and bad – I used to be ashamed but now I hold my head high. ‘At school I was teased and called Dump Truck Butt by the other kids, but the condition is hereditary – there’s nothing I can do about it.’
She added: ‘I went through a stage of worrying what people think, but now I want to show the world I am proud to be me.’ Ms Massey, from Chicago in the US, said her weight has its downsides as she has to walk sideways through doorways and spends £400 a month on clothes, and she is now planning workout sessions to slim down.
‘I’m trying to make the most of what I’ve been given and being confident about who I am makes me happy,’ she said.
‘If I can inspire others to embrace their curves and be proud big, beautiful women, I would be very happy.’


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