Blatter’s questioning at Swiss trial delayed till Thursday

According to Blatter’s lawyer Lorenz Erni, his client has chest pains and breathing difficulties.


The questioning of former FIFA president Joseph Blatter at the federal criminal court on Wednesday in Switzerland has been delayed to Thursday due to his ill health.

“I am not well. I have a complaint that comes back, then I can’t breathe properly either,” Blatter told the court. “I don’t see myself able to answer.”

According to Blatter’s lawyer Lorenz Erni, his client has chest pains and breathing difficulties.

The trial against Blatter and former UEFA president Michel Platini started on Wednesday in Switzerland’s Bellinzona.

The pair are charged with defrauding global football governing body FIFA in connection with a payment of two million Swiss francs (2.07 million dollars) Platini received, among other offences.

They had claimed the payment was for work done as a FIFA advisor between 1998 and 2002.

The 86-year-old Blatter arrived at court with his daughter Corinne and sat in the front row at court alongside Erni.

“I’m in a good mood with the beautiful sun that is here. I am confident because I have nothing to blame myself for,” Blatter said initially prior to the start of the trial.

“It takes two weeks. So, I must be in a good mood on the first day.”

Platini, 66, and his legal team took their places a row behind Blatter.

The process is taking place in German, with French translation provided for Platini.


Swiss federal prosecutors are speaking of “a facticious invoice” Platini handed to FIFA in 2011 and which Blatter authorised.

The payment was made later that year and also included 229,000 Swiss francs in social security taxes, according to the prosecution.

The case came to light in 2015 and ended Blatter’s reign as FIFA president and Platini’s campaign to succeed him.

Both were banned for eight years from football by the FIFA Ethics Committee, but the suspension was later reduced for both by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Blatter and Platini have both protested their innocence, stating a verbal agreement from 1998.

The Bellinzona trial over 11 days is scheduled until June 22, with a verdict to follow on July 8.

Blatter’s questioning was scheduled for Wednesday but will now take place a day later in addition to that of Platini before testimonies begin.



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