Azibaola Robert: Taking off of the invention machines for greater Nigeria

We cannot invent the wheel, but we can use our research and develop what we can. Instead of importing completed items needed for industries, why not buy machines that can make and repeat these items.

Former President-Goodluck Jonathan with the Azibaola at the event

According to the Yale Centre for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection (B1986. 29.390), the most important of the changes that brought about the Industrial Revolution were: the invention of machines to do the work of hand tools; the use of steam and later of other kinds of power; and the adoption of the factory system.

Solving the challenges of unemployment in a country has a lot to do with making do with the resources available to create jobs and opportunities for the teeming populace. What Nigeria needs now is sacrifice of the leadership and followers to be patriotic and change the tide of development in the country. The rate of unemployment in Nigeria brought fewer desirable options than to go the way of industrial revolution by gripping the large market of talented, trained and dedicated teeming youths.

The Nigeria Society of Engineers no doubt assembles the crème de la crème of the professional that will make these noble ideals see the light of day.

At its AGM Conference in Abuja on Dec. 7, the NSE awarded Azibaola Emmanuel Robert with the Fellow Nigeria Society of Nigeria (FNSE).

Babagana Mohammed, the President and Chairman of Council of NSE, said the award was in recognition of “a distinguished icon who has been a mentor to many engineers; that has engineered many engineers. And the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) finds it fit today to consider him for this honorary award of the Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).”

Robert, is the Managing Director, Kakatar Group; and Founder, Zeetin Engineering; a precision engineering, high-end technology, and heavy-duty company and proceeded to build a state-of-the-art factory in the Idu Industrial Area of Abuja. With its array of machines and equipment. Zeetin prides itself as Nigeria’s precision engineering company with a focus to kick-start and advance Nigeria’s technological development.

Through his various companies, Robert has employed several Nigerian engineers over the years providing them mentorship and kindling in them a desire of ‘l-can-do spirit’.

Today, together with his colleagues, he is consummating himself, to the self-task of designing, and producing a wholly, made-in-Nigeria automobile engine, pioneering a domestic electric car design and production as well as catalysing the process of making other heavy-duty machines and Original Spare parts production in Nigeria for Nigeria.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Robert said theta focus and sacrifice by key figures in Nigeria was the sure way to the country’s industrialisation and he had taken up the gauntlet through Zeetin, which is Precision engineering outfit concerned with designing machines, fixtures and other structures that have exceptional low tolerances and  are repeatable and stable over time.

It ensures a longer running life along with less wear or fatigue, giving a better  lifespan compared to manually manufactured parts.

Robert said that Nigeria would become the hub of Africa’s industrialisation when appropriate and calculated measures were taken toward investment, research and development in Nigeria.

“Making Nigeria an industrial nation takes commitment and passion. Precision engineering is a capital intensive investment. I will have taken to buying private jets or yacht or any luxury lifestyle, but I chose to invest in this company.

“I felt why continue buying things ordinarily we should be manufacturing in Nigeria. Yes, we cannot invent the wheel, but we can use our research and develop what we can. Instead of importing completed items needed for industries, why not buy machines that can make and repeat these items.

“If a lot of wealthy Nigerians invest in such ventures, we can complement the various governments efforts to solve the challenge of unemployment and save scarce foreign exchange,” he said.

Precision machining relies on the use of advanced, computerised machine tools to achieve demanding tolerances and create complex geometric cuts with a high degree of repeatability and accuracy.

This can be achieved through the use of automated computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools.

Zeetin has built a state-of-the-art factory in Abuja to develop and advance technology to compete with the rest of the world and it has installed the most sophisticated production machines in the metal works industry.

The company will function as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Nigeria and would be churning out full-scale industrial product for the Automotive, Aeronautic, Aviation, Railways, Marine, Agricultural sectors.

Robert said: “Zeetin strives to be to Nigeria what Toyota, Samsung, LG are to south Korea, or Boeing is to the U.S., or Mercedes is to Germany as industries of National pride.

“Zeetin shall be training several youths in areas of design and innovation ideas and bringing to reality those ideas by offering its hubs for youths to bring to reality their ideas in real products.”


Justifying the award of NSE fellowship on the Robert, Osita Ben-Ossy (former Chairman of NSE, Abuja Branch) said: “Let me also add that Mr Robert, FNSE, has contributed a lot to the development and growth of Engineering than what you have seen here today.

“That is why the motto of his company, Kakatar, is Nigerians Building Nigeria. He believes so much that only Nigerians can build Nigeria. That is why he pays Nigerian engineers what expatriates are paid. That is a big encouragement to our engineers.

“He has also donated to the NSE several computers to aid our work. So, the NSE deemed it fit today to give him this honorary award of the Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). Azibaola Robert, FNSE, is a lawyer with the heart, mind, soul and spirit of engineering.”

Great minds are the soul by which great achievements are developed and sustained in the match of great nations to world power. Industrial capabilities are made possible when dedicated citizens patriotically makes conscious efforts and sacrifice as well as focus to see to the change of their country into global players in the new economic world order. Honour most therefore be given to whom it is due and the award given to Azibaola Emmanuel Robert, Managing Director, Kakatar Group; and Founder, Zeetin Engineering by the NSE was a well deserved one and would spur other like minded Nigerians to emulate the gesture.



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