Brandparison Icon11 Brandparison 1New brands are regularly introduced into the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market; but their continuous survival and eventual success is usually the result of pains-taking strategy, determination aggression and sometimes luck of the brand owners.

The Bitters market majorly consisted of blends made from extracts of different roots and herbs.  But a brand new category emerged when one company decided to package and market what many Nigerians had hitherto enjoyed from local herbalists and itinerant gin hawkers. This is the story of Alomo Bitters, an alcoholic bitters blend which was originally imported from Ghana. The market has since continued to grow as a multitude of new brands are introduced into the market at a frenetic pace. Today, the competition can be said to be cut-throat.

As at June 2014, the Nigerian bitters market was estimated to generate over N32.2 billion annually. According to analysts, the growing market is as a result of the rising change in the taste of consumers, who believe that bitters contain body purifiers, anti-malarial components and ingredients that strengthen the virility of men.

Another factor partly responsible for this upsurge in the market is the rebranding effort of many brewers and distillers who are increasingly innovating, so as to compete effectively and gain market dominance.

In this edition, BRANDPOWER focuses on two great alcoholic Bitters Brand; Alomo and Orijin.

Alomo Bitters is an alcoholic beverage which has its origin in Ghana; Alomo is manufactured by Kasapreko.  It is a herbal alcoholic product made from carefully chosen tropical plant extracts. It has its roots in the traditional herbal industry that is meticulously researched by the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine a World Health Organization affiliate, based at MampongAkuapem in the Eastern region of Ghana.

In 2012 Alomo Bitters was awarded a Super Brand. It was also identified as one of the top 5 emerging brands in the world by CNN Money

In September 2013, Guinness Nigeria Plc. one of the leading brewing companies in Nigeria, launched its own brand of bitters, Orijin, into the already saturated market.

According to its producers, Orijin is an alcoholic blend with the flavors of African herbs and fruits combined to give a refreshing bitter-sweet taste. With marketing efforts, Orijin which comes in the classic blend and an RTD variant has been widely embraced in much the same way that that Alomo initially was and it now appears as a staple in many pubs. It is thus beginning to give other bitters a run for their money.

BRAND VISIBILITYModest multimedia presence, TVC campaigns. They also used Nollywood actors as its Brand Ambassadors  BRAND VISIBILITYGreat Multimedia visibility also used Nigerian music artists to promote the brand in different states across the country.
TARGETAlomo targets mainly the male folk, especially the middle-aged and elderly since it is rich in herbs and roots. Hence its bitter taste.  TARGETOrijin targets both the male and female folks. Its bitter-sweet Citrus taste seems to be a major clincher. It is also rich in herbs and roots extracts
BRAND EQUITYIt enjoys a large share of the Bitters market owing to its consistency, pioneer status and newly launched promotional campaigns. BRAND EQUITYOrijin enjoys a decent share of the market, but Orijin is fast taking a huge chunk of the alcoholic bitters market as they leverage their existing marketing and distribution strengths
VARIANCEAlomo is packaged in a 200ml PET, 30ml Sachet and 750ml Glass bottle` VARIANCEOrijin Ready To Drink (RTD) is packaged in30cl and 75cl bottles, and Orijin Bitters, in 20cl and 75cl
PRICE Alomo Bitters sachet 30ml is sold for N20, the pet bottle is sold for N300 while the 750ml glass bottle  is sold for N700 PRICEOrijin RTD is sold forN500, while the Orijin Bitters is sold between N300



Both are great ground-breaking brands which have warmed their ways into the palates of their consumers. Alomo enjoyed its pioneer status with a clear market dominance while it lasted but with the introduction of Orijin, and so many other local brands in the fray, consumers will not come cheap any more.

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