Airlines to pay $3,500 per passenger for COVID-19 protocol violation – NCAA


Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has issued a directive imposing a fine of $3,500 per passenger on airlines that flout the newly revised COVID-19 provisional quarantine protocols.

The NCAA director-general Musa Nuhu issued the directive in a notification to All Operators Letter (AOL) with reference number NCAA/DG/AIR/16/327 dated December 3, 2021.

“As for outbound passengers, airlines are to only board passengers travelling out of Nigeria with evidence of either full vaccination. Better still, the result of negative COVID-19 PCR test done NCDC accredited laboratories not later than 48 hours from the time of boarding,” Mr Nuhu explained. “Non-compliance to these pre-boarding requirements by any airline will attract a penalty of $3,500 per passenger. Airlines who consistently fail to comply will these requirements may be banned from coming to Nigeria.”

Mr Nuhu added that airlines that flout the directive might risk outright ban for non-compliance with the requirements.

He noted that COVID-19 safety protocols for international flight operations and quarantine protocols for travellers arriving in Nigeria issued on July 1, 2021, were still in place.


Mr Nuhu said the revised provisional quarantine protocol for travellers arriving or departing Nigeria becomes effective on December 5, 2021. Airlines are to only board passengers with a paid permit to travel with a QR Code on inbound passengers.

The director-general added that this also included the result of a negative COVID-19 PCR test done not later than 48 hours from the time of boarding.

Mr Nuhu also mentioned that for any inbound passenger unable to either make payment for repeat PCR tests or generate a permit to travel via the Nigerian

International Travel Portal (NITP), he disclosed that airlines should send an email to [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected], for assistance.