U.S. concerned about Putin’s threat to supply arms to North Korea

U.S. concerned about Putin’s threat to supply arms to North Korea
North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un (R) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) shaking hands after a signing ceremony(AFP)
U. S. Concerned about putin’s threat to supply arms to north korea
North korea’s leader kim jong un (r) and russia’s president vladimir putin (l) shaking hands after a signing ceremony(afp)

The U.S. said it was concerned about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to supply North Korea with arms and weapons, warning it would “destabilise” the Korean peninsula.

“Depending on the type of weapons provided, such a move may violate UN Security Council resolutions which Russia itself supported.
“The U.S. would continue to work with its allies in the region, including South Korea and Japan, to respond to the threat posed by North Korea,” Matthew Miller, U.S. State Department’s spokesman, said.
During a state visit to Pyongyang on Wednesday, Putin signed a partnership agreement with North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un that includes a vow of mutual aid if either country is attacked.
Speaking in Vietnam on Thursday, Putin threatened to deliver high-precision weapons to North Korea as a response to Western arms deliveries to Ukraine.
Meanwhile, the South Korean Government  has expressed concern over the Russia-North Korea strategic partnership.
Seoul said that the security commitments violated UN sanctions imposed on Pyongyang.
South Korea also suggested it could reconsider its long-standing policy of not supplying weapons to Kiev.
According to Putin, South Korea will be making a “big mistake” if it supplies arms to Ukraine.
“If that happens, then we will make corresponding decisions that would not please the current leadership of South Korea,” Putin said.
Putin called Seoul’s concerns unfounded.
He said that South Korea had nothing to fear as the pact would only apply if either Russia or North Korea would be attacked by a third party.
“As far as I know, (South Korea) is not planning any aggression against North Korea. There is no need to fear our cooperation.”
Putin also said that he would not deploy any North Korean soldiers in Ukraine.
North Korea, ruled by Kim Jong Un, is subject to far-reaching UN sanctions and import bans due to its nuclear weapons programme.

Putin’s visit to Vietnam, where he was given a 21-gun salute on Thursday, has also caused unease in Washington. In response, the US’s most senior diplomat for east Asia, Daniel Kritenbrink, will visit Vietnam on Friday and Saturday to underline Washington’s commitment to working with Hanoi to ensure a “free and open” Indo-Pacific region.

South Korea responds

South Korea, a US treaty ally, condemned the treaty and summoned Russia’s ambassador on Friday, a rare diplomatic step that illustrates the soured tensions between Seoul and Moscow.

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