Putin praises North Korea’s support for Russia’s war against Ukraine

Putin praises North Korea’s support for Russia’s war against Ukraine

Putin praises north korea’s support for russia’s war against ukraineAhead of his visit to North Korea on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised Pyongyang for its support in Moscow’s fight against Ukraine.

Putin praised North Korea’s “unwavering support for Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine,” using the Kremlin’s wording to refer to the war, in a letter published in Pyongyang’s official newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

The Russian leader also thanked North Korea for its solidarity on important international issues.

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He added that it was committed and like-minded and ready to counter the West’s aspiration to restrain the establishment of a multipolar world order.

According to Putin, both countries have plans to collaborate on building a security architecture in Eurasia with Russia and North Korea collaboration.

And also countering Western sanctions, and establishing independent transaction systems.

BBC reports that the Kremlin has said there is scope for “very deep relations” between Russia and North Korea, and although it said this shouldn’t concern anyone, it recommended those thinking of challenging the burgeoning ties to think again.

There has been a lot of speculation about what exactly the two sides want from one another. And it seems to boil down to security of supplies.

Russia is likely seeking ammunition, construction workers, even volunteers to go to the front line in Ukraine, says political scientist and Putin ally, Sergei Markov.

In reply, Pyongyang could get Russian produce, as well as technological help for military goals, including its long-range missile programme ultimately to be within striking distance of the US, Mr Markov adds.

There is no doubt that Russia needs to feed its war in Ukraine.

A recent Bloomberg report, citing South Korea’s defence ministry, suggests North Korea has shipped nearly five million artillery shells to Russia.

Finding a partner that shares a keen disdain of sanctions and the West, and therefore one that wants to trade, is a major selling point for Russia.

After all, Russia and North Korea are the two most-sanctioned countries in the world – North Korea for developing nuclear weapons and launching a series of ballistic missile tests.