Sallah: Averting crisis in Kano as Dethroned Emir Bayero Plans Durbar?

The rivalry between the two Emirs (who incidentally are cousins) is not merely a personal contest but a reflection of deeper socio-political divides within Kano and, by extension, Nigeria.

Sallah: Averting crisis in Kano as Dethroned Emir Bayero Plans Durbar?

Sallah: averting crisis in kano as dethroned emir bayero plans durbar?As the popular saying goes, It looks like everything na “double-double” presently in Kano as reports making the rounds have it that the recently ousted Emir Bayero of Kano is planning a Durbar just like the reinstalled Emir Sanusi.

This is coming amidst the legal tussle over the throne. This development raises concerns about the potential for violence and the role of key stakeholders in resolving the impasse.

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How it all started

The Kano Emirship crisis began in 2020 when Governor Abdullahi Ganduje deposed Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II over allegations of corruption and other issues. Ganduje then appointed Aminu Ado Bayero as the new Emir of Kano.

However, the deposition was met with widespread criticism, and the move was seen as an attempt to undermine the traditional institution of the Emirate. The controversy has entered a new chapter with the eventual reinstatement of Sanusi as the Emir of Kano in May 2024, following the repeal of the law that created the four new emirates and the reenactment of the Kano Emirate Law of 1984 by the Kano State government.

The Current Situation

The reinstatement of Sanusi has led to a new round of tensions, with Bayero (who made a triumphant return from his trip back into Kano) refusing to step down, ostensibly to claim his throne. He is doubling downwith the proposed plan of a durbar celebration. This move has been seen as a challenge to Sanusi’s renewed mandate and authority and a potential catalyst for violence.

The rivalry between the two Emirs (who incidentally are cousins) is not merely a personal contest but a reflection of deeper socio-political divides within Kano and, by extension, Nigeria. Sanusi’s supporters see him as a champion of modernity and progress, while Bayero’s backers view him as the rightful custodian of Kano’s traditions and stability.


Role of Key Stakeholders

Kano Government

The Kano State Government has been at the center of the controversy, with some accusing it of favoring Sanusi over Bayero. The government’s decision to reinstate Sanusi has been seen as a move to consolidate its power and undermine the opposition APC and ex-governor Ganduje. The Kano government’s handling of the situation has also been criticized for being heavy-handed. However supporters of Sanusi insist that the government did the right thing to reverse the fragmentation of the Kano Emirate and reinstatement of the hitherto unfairly deposed Sanusi.

Federal Government

The Federal Government has been called upon to intervene in the crisis, with some urging it to take steps to maintain peace in the state. The government has been accused by some providing covert support to Emir Bayero and thus emboldening him to defy the state government thus allowing tensions to escalate.

Abdullahi Ganduje

The role of former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, now the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has been criticized for his involvement in the crisis. Ganduje is accused of using his office to create divisions within the Emirate and undermine the traditional institution.

Court Cases

The crisis has also led to a series of court cases, with Bayero challenging his deposition and Sanusi seeking to maintain his position as the Emir of Kano. The court cases have been marked by delays and controversies, with some accusing the the federal and state governments variously of trying to manipulate the legal process to favour their preferred Emir.

Prospects of Violence

The situation in Kano is volatile, with tensions running high between supporters of Sanusi and Bayero. The planned durbar celebration by Bayero has the potential to escalate the situation, especially if it is seen as a challenge to Sanusi’s authority. The lack of effective communication and dialogue between the two sides has also contributed to the escalation of tensions.

Possible Scenario of Two Durbars

One possible scenario is that both Sanusi and Bayero will hold separate durbar celebrations, which could lead to a further escalation of tensions and potentially violent clashes between their supporters. This scenario couldd be detrimental to the peace and stability of the state.

Some observers see no cause for alarm though as both Emirs have for some weeks been conducting parallel Jumat Prayers without any resort to rancour and violence.

Averting Crisis and Resolving the Impasse

To avert crisis and resolve the impasse, it is essential that key stakeholders engage in constructive dialogue and work towards finding a peaceful resolution. The Kano State Government and the Federal Government must take steps to maintain peace and stability in Kano state. The government should also ensure that the ongoing legal process is fair and transparent, and that both sides are given equal opportunities to present their cases.

Finally it is essential that all stakeholders work together to resolve the crisis peacefully, in accordance with the law. Whichever way the Durbar affair plays out, the governments, the Emirs, and other key stakeholders must take steps to avert crisis and maintain the peace of Kano state.