“Bring killers of troops in Delta to justice” – NIPSS Alumni urges FG

“No one who dares to spill the blood of our defenders and attacks Nigeria should escape justice."

“Bring killers of troops in Delta to justice” - NIPSS Alumni urges FG
Military troops
“bring killers of troops in delta to justice” - nipss alumni urges fg
Military troops

Perpetrators of Thursday’s killing of officers and men of the Nigerian Army at Okuoma community in Bomadi Local Government Area of Delta must face the full force of the law.

“The despicable act of barbarism must not be swept under the rug,’’ the Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI), declared on Sunday in Abuja

“The killing was an unforgivable affront to national values,’’ it added.

Youths of Okuoma ambushed and killed 16 officers and men of the 181 Amphibious Battalion on Thursday as they were on a peace mission over a communal clash between Okuoma and its neighbouring Okoloba community.

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Those killed were the battalion’s Commanding Officer, Lt.-Col. AH Ali, two Majors, a Captain, and 12 soldiers.

“AANI stands in solidarity with the military and the families of these heroes who paid the supreme price in quest for peace in Delta,’’ its National President, Amb. Emmanuel Okafor stated.

“We demand swift and decisive action from both the Federal Government and from Delta State government.

“No one who dares to spill the blood of our defenders and attacks Nigeria should escape justice.


“The perpetrators must face swift justice, with no leniency shown to those who dare to spill the blood of our beloved soldiers, for whatever reason,’’ Okafor stated.

The AANI president added that the cowardly attack had dampened national spirits and also threatened future peace efforts, stressing that it had struck at the heart of the nation’s resolve for peace.

He urged the Federal Government to take decisive measures to prevent such atrocities from recurring by ensuring that the culprits, especially the youths involved were swiftly brought to justice.

He stressed that traditional rulers overseeing the tragedy must also face consequences for their negligence.

“AANI notes with admiration that in spite of this cowardly attack, the military remains unwavering in its duty to protect and to serve.

“We commend the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa, for his prompt response, directing an immediate investigation.

“We urge the authorities to expedite the process and ensure that all those involved face the full force of the law.

“We implore the Nigerian Armed Forces to stand united and resolute in ensuring that justice prevails, as we stand with you, especially in this difficult time,’’ he added.

Okafor also urged the military and other security agencies not to be demoralised or deterred by the callous act.

He charged them to continue to stand united in ensuring that the supreme sacrifices made by the gallant officers and soldiers were not made in vain.

Okafor also called upon Okuoma community to fully cooperate with security agencies to prevent further tragedies and hand over the perpetrators of the horrific crime.