Tea sellers cry out over drop in patronage as prices skyrocket

“This is the current situation in the country with many food items,”

Tea sellers, cry out, over drop in patronage, prices skyrocket
Mai Shayi
Tea sellers, cry out, over drop in patronage, prices skyrocket
Mai shayi

Tea makers, popularly known as “Mai shayi”, say their business is witnessing low patronage, especially for Indomie noodles, as the price continues to increase rapidly.

They spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday while reacting to the incessant increase in the price of Indomie instant noodles.

BRANDPOWER reports that ‘Mai shayi’, which means tea makers in the Hausa language, is operated  mainly by Hausa men in makeshift kiosks.

They are found in estates and by the roadside in different parts of Abuja and they also sell fast food like noodles, fried eggs, bread, and tea.


BRANDPOWER reports that the price of Indomie noodles, a popular fast food in Nigeria enjoyed by both the young and old? skyrocketed within a short period.

From the market survey conducted by NAN, a carton of Indomie standard pack which is the smallest size with 40 pieces, is being sold for between N10,500 to N11,500.

A carton of the Super Pack, which contains 40 packs, is sold for between N17,800 to 18,700, and a cartoon of Hungry Man size which contains 24 packs is sold for between N16,800 to N17,500.

Also, a packet of the standard size sells for N300, while a packet of the Super Pack and Hungry Man is sold for N500 and N700.

However, BRANDPOWER reports that in Supermarkets, the prices are much higher for the single packets and the cartoons.

In one of the major supermarkets in Abuja, the standard size is selling for N330 per pack and N13,200 for a carton, while the Hungry Man size is being sold for N845 for a packet and N20,280 for a carton.

Abba Idris, a Mai Shayi in Apo said patronage had reduced for indomie because of the price increase.

“I make one hungry man now for N750, but a month ago I was making it for N400. Also, I sell one super pack for N550 as against N300 a month ago.

“Many of my customers are complaining because of the increase in price of indomie and they are not buying like before, ” he said.

Another Mai Shayi, Mustapha Abba, in Gaduwa, said his customers had reduced because they could no longer afford to buy indomie.

“I was making one super pack for N350 three weeks ago but now I make it for N600, while the hungry man was N450 now it is N850.”

According to him, before when you come to my stand, you will see many people in the morning and evening but they are no longer coming like before.

“Some people that used to buy two packs can only afford one pack now. Some don’t even request eggs again.

“We are not making much gain from this business. If we are to sell to make a good profit, we will not see anybody again,” he said.

Another Mai Shayi in Bwari Area Council, Gambo Haruna also said he had witnessed a drop in patronage for indomie due to the price increase.

“Before we used to buy indomie N5,000, it increased to N6,000 and continued increasing. Now it is over N10,000, some N11, 000, depending on the size.

” Customers must reduce, they cannot afford it again because of the price now,” he said.”

Also, Mohammed Hassan, who runs a Mai Shayi business in Wuse Zone 6, corroborated the issues of low patronage his colleagues had earlier outlined.

“Hungry man is N800 and the super pack is N700 without egg. Before hungry man with two eggs was N850, while super pack with two eggs was N700.

” The price keeps increasing whenever I go to the market. A carton of super pack was formerly N11,500 but now it is N18,500. My customers have really reduced. They say they can no longer afford it,” he said.

Azeez Lamidi, a vulcanizer, said he could no longer afford to buy indomie from the mai shayi because of the increase in price.

” Before, I used to buy one super pack with two eggs for N600, now it is N1,000, without egg it is N700. By the time I remove that from the money I make a day for just one meal I have little to take home.

“Indomie used to be food for everybody, now it is big man food,” he said.

Mr Obinna Dozie, a retailer in Area 2 Market said patronage for indomie had reduced because of the continuous increase in its price.

“People are buying but not like before. If you cook two indomie super packs it can’t reach one spaghetti. Now people are going for cheaper things,” he said.

A wholesaler in Garki Market, Madame Zainab Ali said the price of indomie increased twice in one week leading to a drop in sales.

“Just two weeks ago, the price of indomie increased twice in that week.

” A carton of super pack was selling for N11,200 but two weeks ago it increased to N12,200 on Tuesday and by Thursday of that same week it increased to N17,200.

“The small cartoon which was N7,000 also increased on Tuesday to N8,000 and N10,000 by Thursday of that same week.

“We are not even making much profit from the sale of indomie and patronage has really dropped which is expected when the prices of anything increases.

“This is the current situation in the country with many food items,” she said.

Mrs Omozele Osagie, a Civil Servant and mother of four said she had stopped buying indomie because it had become too expensive.

” My children love indomie but we can no longer afford it. A carton of smallest size indomie is now N11,500. If you use N11,000 to buy just indomie then what is left from your salary to buy other food items which have also increased.

” I have told my children no more indomie for now. We can’t even afford to buy the packets either.

“One super pack is N500 and I will need like three to four packs for my four children. So we are talking about N1,500 to N2,000 for just one meal. We cannot afford it,” she said.

Mr TJ Onoja, a bachelor, said the increase in the price of indomie had become alarming, saying I don’t eat indomie frequently anymore.

“As the price of food items keeps increasing every day, one must apply wisdom when shopping.

” You cannot afford to buy everything you want anymore. Indomie is no longer within the reach of the common man,” he said.