LASG warns estate residents against vandalism, rule-breaking 

“The fund that will be used to replace these items will definitely reduce the number of homes to be provided for others,”he said.

LASG,warning, estate residents, vandalism, rule-breaking 
Igbogbo Housing Estate
Lasg,warning,  estate residents, vandalism, rule-breaking, igbogbo housing estate
Abiodun ogunleye housing estate, igbogbo

The Lagos State Commissioner for Housing, Mr Moruf Akinderu-Fatai, has expressed disappointment over the damage caused by vandals at the Abiodun Ogunleye Housing Estate, Igbogbo.

The Director, Public Affairs, Housing, Mrs Adeola Salako, issued the statement on Wednesday in Lagos.

She said that the commissioner expressed his disappointment during a visit to the housing estate to ascertain the extent of damage done to cables, generators and electrical panels by vandals and robbers.

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Akinderu – Fatai warned residents of potential consequences for not following the rules and regulations put in place for the sustainability of the estates.

He emphasised the government’s commitment to providing affordable housing, but stressed the need for residents to take responsibility for maintaining the estates.

“This occurrence at a time like this shows that some citizens do not have a clear understanding of the state’s passion for provision of decent housing for the people.

“The fund that will be used to replace these items will definitely reduce the number of homes to be provided for others,”he said.

The commissioner held the residents accountable for upholding their part of the agreement in maintaining a safe and well-maintained living environment.

He emphasised that following the rules, including paying fees and being responsible tenants, was crucial to ensuring the estates function properly and remained secure for everyone.

As a result, Akinderu-Fatai, said “henceforth anyone that refuses to pay facility maintenance fees or lease his allocation to miscreants will face ejection”.

“The State Government will not hesitate to take back the allocation of allottees who insist on not paying maintenance fees in contravention of Article 6 of the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the State Government.

“Refusal to pay facility maintenance fee means you are willingly forfeiting the right of ownership”, he added.

The commissioner also expressed disapproval of residents who rented out their apartments in the housing estate.

He emphasised that the government’s goal was to provide homes for those who genuinely needed them, not for individuals who intended to profit by subletting.

He warned that renting to individuals involved in illegal activities like internet fraud (“internet fraudsters”), cults (“cultists”), or those with suspicious backgrounds (“people of questionable characters”) posed a security risk to the entire community.

He said that any resident found with sufficient evidence to be renting his/her apartments to such individuals, , the fellow would lose his/her allocation in the estate.

Salako also said that the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Housing, Mr Abdulhafis Toriola, explained why the facility management fee was necessary.

She said that Toriola assured residents that the collected funds would be used responsibly and transparently for the benefit of the entire community.

Clarifying key points about the facility management fee, Toriola said that the fee was mandatory for all residents in the estate to contribute to.

According to him, the fee will be used for specific purposes and managed transparently.

He said that the fee was used to pay Security personnel, Refuse disposal, Streetlight maintenance, cleaning and sanitation of common areas and facilities jointly owned.

He assured residents that safeguards were in place to ensure their monies were used for its intended purpose adding that proper oversight was provided.

Toriola said, “To ensure transparency and accountability, the fund is managed by the representatives of Residents Association, Ministry of Housing and the Facility Manager.

“Facility management is critical in ensuring that infrastructural facilities provided in the estate work perfectly and constantly.

“Hence, the State Government will not compromise the sustainability of its estate by not sanctioning defaulters”.

The Permanent Secretary urged the Residents Association to report any residents suspected of harboring criminals to the Ministry of Housing, emphasising the importance of community cooperation in ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being within the estate.

He, therefore, urged homeowners to take full responsibility of the estate’s facility infrastructure.