FCT minister inaugurates 10th ASOFEST

FCT, minister, inaugurates 10th ASOFEST, Dr Mariya Mahmoud
The Minister of State for FCT, Dr Mariya Mahmoud
Fct, minister, inaugurates 10th asofest, dr mariya mahmoud
The minister of state for fct, dr mariya mahmoud

The Minister of State for FCT, Dr Mariya Mahmoud, on Wednesday inaugurated the 10th edition of the Abuja Festival of Arts and Culture (ASOFEST).

BRANDPOWER reports that the theme of the celebration is  “Peaceful Co-existence, a Panacea for Economic Revival”.

Mahmoud said ASOFEST would bring different cultural groups from the six Area Councils of the territory together to showcase their cultural heritage.

She said the theme of the festival was in line with President Bola Tinubu’s “Renewed Hope” agenda, through diversification of the nation’s economy from oil.

The minister called for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage for economic diversification.

According to her, preserving and promoting the rich culture, customs, and tradition will play a key role in promoting peaceful co-existence amongst different ethnic nationalities.

She underscored the need to sustain programmes and activities that promote cultural complexities that defined peoples’ uniqueness in a multicultural country like Nigeria.

“As life evolves daily and for modernisation purposes, we as the people, must continue to create programmes and activities that define who we are and celebrate our heritage and uniqueness.

“We must learn to tell our own stories to the outside world through the display and showcasing of our beautiful cultures.

“Most importantly, it is also a way of making our children learn and appreciate their roots,” Mahmoud said.

Earlier, Mr Ibrahim Aminu, Mandate Secretary, Social Development Secretariat, FCT Administration, described ASOFEST as a melting pot of divergent cultural groups and traditions in the FCT.

“It also provides an opportunity for the people to display their distinctive delicacies, culinary skills, pottery, tie and dye, wrestling and weaving of clothes, mats and hats among others,” he said.

The mandate secretary expressed hope that the festival would provide employment opportunities for the unemployed youths in FCT.

BRANDPOWER reports that the ASFEST is promoted as the BIGGEST CULTURAL FIESTA…. Promoting the Rich Cultural Heritage of Nigeria🇳🇬💯