Japa syndrome: FG promises enabling environment for youths to excel 

'Japa' in Health Sector: Implications and way forward

Japa syndrome, fg promises, enabling environment, for youths to excel The Minister of State for Youth Development, Mr Ayodele Olawande, says Federal Government is working to ensure an enabling environment for youths to excel in their chosen career and to stem the “Japa Syndrome.”

Olawande told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that with enabling environment, all Nigerians,  especially youths, would not bother to travel abroad and those that travelled would want to come back.

He said “President Bola Tiunbu is working to ensure enabling environment so that people that Japa will come back and live a normal life.

“Japa syndrome is good only when people go and invest in something and then come back to the country to develop and create employment.”

According to him, government is working toward providing an enabling environment where  Nigerians will be engaged in one thing or the other.

Olawande said more people would even have the opportunity to travel to gain knowledge and come back to the country and impact lives.

BRANDPOWER reports that the term “Japa” syndrome characterises a phenomenon in Nigeria where individuals, particularly young Nigerians, choose to migrate abroad in search of better opportunities, often with no intention of returning to their homeland.

A priest, Rev. Fr. Moses Jimbili, Parish Priest of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Maitama, Abuja, who spoke to NAN about the trend, urged government to gainfully engage youths “so that theywill not see the need to leave the country.

“More can be done to encourage small scale industries for those who are trying to stay self employed. Loans and grants should be made available for youths to to start businesses.”

Jimbili added that “most importantly, government should urgently come up with solutions to the security problems because businesses can’t thrive in an insecure environment.”

The priest explained that it is difficult to advise the youths because everyone seeks to make his or her life better.

“But they must understand that life is not as rosy out there as we imagine. Your country is your country.

“We can join in the race to demand for better governance from government. We have the right to be governed well,” he said.

Also, Mr Daniel Agada , a Lawyer, said that the “Japa” syndrome in recent years has assumed an alarming dimension.

Agada said that Nigerians, especially the youths, continue to move to their preferred countries like UK and Europe in search of greener pastures.

He, therefore, suggested measures that government could evolve to create conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

He said “government should ensure that the process for registration of businesses are easy, automated, seamless and user-friendly.

“Ensure that business start-ups and all small and medium- scale enterprises or businesses get tax holidays, waivers and exemptions for the first few years of operation to enable them to stand on their feet.

“Ensure it gives interest-free loans and grants to small- scale businesses to enable them compete favourably with bigger or well established businesses,” Agada said.

He also urged government to introduce and enforce policies that would encourage local content, emphasising that “al government agencies, as a matter of policy, should patronise Nigerian goods, businesses, companies and contractors.

“Government officials should patronise Nigerian hospitals and their children and wards should attend Nigerian public schools.

“These would help to boost the value of our currency and grow and stabilise the economy.

Agada also called on the youths to develop resilience, cultivate the culture of self-reliance and develop entrepreneurial skills.

He said youths should believe in Nigeria and patronise local goods, services, businesses, hospitals and schools and cut the insatiable appetite for foreign goods and services.

“These will in no small measure, ensure the desired growth and stability in the economy, thereby making Nigeria better for all and the darling of all investors, both local and foreign,” Agada said.

On his part, Mr Callistus Ikwuazom, a Lecturer at FUT Minna, said government’s role is pivotal in fostering supportive atmosphere for Nigerian youths.

He said that “in combating the ‘Japa Syndrome’ and endorsing alternative entrepreneurial path, it’s essential for government to extend support through resources and programmes that focus on entrepreneurship and skill enhancement.

“Investment in education, hands-on training, and mentorship can empower the youth to venture into diverse business realms and seek investment avenues domestically.

“Moreover, government’s commitment to enhancing the entrepreneurial environment by streamlining bureaucratic processes, facilitating financial accessibility, and establishing a supportive regulatory ecosystem for emerging businesses is crucial.”

He advised the younger generation to adopt a forward-looking approach and actively participate in the country’s development activities.

He said “the temptation to pursue opportunities overseas is understandable, yet, recognising the prospects for advancements in Nigeria is crucial.

“Young individuals should capitalise on their abilities, interests, and enthusiasm to drive communal and national progress.

“I urge the youth to seek out varied prospects domestically, engage with peers who share similar goals, and pursue guidance from established entrepreneurs and professionals.

“With a mindset geared toward positivity, resilience, and perseverance, the challenges can be surmounted, leaving a significant mark and forging a brighter future for themselves and future generations.

“Together, we can aim for a flourishing Nigeria, rich in opportunities for every,” he said.

A businessman, Mr Chibunna Okolo, said that he travelled abroad, got married to a white woman and has two children, but he came back to Nigeria to establish companies.

Okolo said that although he has the citizenship of Holland, he preferred to build his country.

According to him, he has some friends abroad who for years have nothing doing but cannot come back due to shame.

He, therefore, advised the government to focus on creating enabling environment for businesses to flourish