Come and pay your tax, FCT Tax office tells Abuja socialite, Aisha Achimugu, after lavish Grenada birthday bash

Many socialites and prominent Nigerians, including a prominent governor of one of the Southwest states, reportedly graced the birthday bash.

Come and pay your tax, FCT Tax office tells Abuja socialite, Aisha Achimugu, after lavish Granada birthday bash
Aisha Achimugu
Come and pay your tax, fct tax office tells abuja socialite, aisha achimugu, after lavish granada birthday bash
Aisha achimugu

The FCT-Internal Revenue Service (FCT-IRS) on Saturday reminded an Abuja socialite, Mrs Aisha Achimugu to fulfil her tax obligations. This is coming after her now trending superlative destination birthday party in Grenada attended by the creme of Nigerian elite.

FCT-IRS posted on its social media X handle that it wished the socialite warmest birthday as she lavishly celebrated her 50th birthday setting the Caribbean state of Grenada agog in a seven-day bash.

Achimugu is the founder and managing director of Abuja-based Felak Concept Group. She turned 50 on Jan. 22.

“The FCT-Internal Revenue Service extends our warmest birthday wishes to you!

“May this special day be filled with joy and blessing. Remember to fulfil your tax obligations by filing your annual tax returns.’’ FCT-IRS posted.

A dedicated website for the seven-day birthday party included information regarding visa arrangements, available chauffeurs, travel schedules, and the nearest airport to the event venue.

The festivities began on Jan. 16 with the arrival of guests. The following day, the event started with a welcome breakfast, exploring the resort and mingling.

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On day four, attendees wore vibrant African attire for special performances, including drum dances. A bonfire provided a cosy backdrop as guests gathered for an evening of warmth and music.

Day Five showcased performances by a local band, various cocktails, and a retro disco party. On the sixth day, guests embarked on an island excursion.

On Jan. 23, the seventh and final day began with an all-white breakfast culminating in a luxurious dinner-themed: ‘glitz and glam’ before guests bid farewell to Grenada.

Many socialites and prominent Nigerians, including a prominent governor of one of the Southwest states, reportedly graced the birthday bash.

Those who graced the birthday bash were said to have flown from Nigeria to Grenada in hired jets.

Some of them described the birthday bash as one of the most lavish parties they had ever attended or heard of.

The celebrant hired Calivigny Island for a week and booked rooms for her guests at Silversand, Grenada.

Mrs Achimugu was reported to have changed clothes at the party at least 30 times, with each dress reportedly costing thousands of dollars.

These were in addition to the high-end clothes she wore for a photo shoot with a celebrity photographer before the event.

Throughout the evenings, she wore costly diamond jewellery, designer shoes, and carried Hermes crocodile leather handbags, each estimated to cost between 50,000 dollars and 80,000 dollars.

One of the many gatherings occurred aboard the Silver Angel, a yacht sailing on the Caribbean Sea under the flag of the United Kingdom.

According to reports, Achimugu spent nearly one million dollars (more than N1 billion) to rent the island for the entire week.

Quite a number of local and international A-list musicians and entertainers flew in to perform at the various events.

Artistes who performed included American saxophonist and composer, Kenny G, Nigeria’s Waje, Flavour, Adekunle Gold, Asake and Mr Killa, a Grenadan musician.

The event was filled with lots of activities from swimming to extravagant meals, bonfires, kayaking and treasure hunting.

Then Nigerian version of the birthday bash continued on Friday at Transcorp Hotel, Abuja and another one on Saturday at an undisclosed location.

Achimugu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Jos. She also holds an honorary degree of The Commonwealth University, Belize, also in the Caribbean.

She married Engineer Sulaiman Achimugu, a former Managing Director of the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company and they have three children.

Mr Achimugu lost his life to Coronavirus in 2020.


I don’t give a hoot

The billionaire businesswoman, Aisha Achimugu has said she really doesn’t care what people say about her after shutting down Grenada to mark her 50th birthday recently.

Achimugu is not batting an eyelid about the dastardly report by the media against her, rather, she is defiant about it.

“And for those who have genuinely shown concern over the media, I want to assure you that I’m well, I’m in a high spirit, I really don’t give a hoot. I’m doing me; I’ve always done me, a happy soul, doing what makes me happy,” she said in a statement

She said, “Good evening, everyone, lovers of mine. This is not an official thank you all for being there for me and coming to Grenada. It is a very tough time. It was a moment for me to thank everyone whom I should be concerned over the pleasant media help about this famous Aisha.

“And I want to congratulate myself for being the most popular person in the entire world, apart from the Gaza and Israeli fight, I guess something that’s most popular on the news globally. I give God the glory, and I thank God for my life,” she stated.

“But I want to assure you all that this girl is moving ahead. I’m having a great time, and I’ll continue to have a great time and have a ball today, tomorrow, and Sunday for those of you who are going to be around. And for those who are genuinely not concerned, I love you all.

“For those who are a player of what it is, I love you all. It’s just me, Aisha Achimugu, and I remain me, continue to shine, I continue to do me, and I’m not doing anyone else. And I’m all not politically about it.

“So, relate my message to those outside who are also calling you to show their concern and tell them that this young lady here is just starting, and they will hear more of me.

“I’ve not been in a media space, but since they’ve made it a duty for me to do that, I promise you’ll see more of my face in the media. So, in a lighter mode, just to let you know, I’m happy and looking forward to today.

“My most exciting moment is my charity ball, ten years of self, and then tomorrow to party and shut Nigeria down again. So I will give them things to talk about. Thank you,” she stated.