Prostate Cancer: Clinical Trial with Vitamin D begins, to check efficacy

“We will investigate and see if Vitamin D supplements can help to improve immunity and outcomes in patients with prostate cancer.”

Prostate Cancer, Clinical Trial, with Vitamin D begins, to check efficacy

Prostate cancer, clinical trial, with vitamin d begins, to check efficacyProf. Ademola Alabi of the Department of Surgery, University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) says arrangements have been concluded for a multi-centre study in the country towards improving the outcome of prostate cancer cases, using Vitamin D supplements.

Alabi made this known in Ilorin while delivering the 250th Inaugural Lecture of the university entitled “That All May Pee in Peace.”

He explained that the study commenced in Mayo Clinic, Florida and six other sites, and will include Ilorin, in Nigeria.

The don, who said that he is designated as the National Principal Investigator in Nigeria, added that “insurance for participants and ethics approval have been obtained for the Ilorin study to commence.”

‘Japa’ in Health Sector: Implications and way forward

The expert who teaches in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Health Sciences of the university, pointed out that
“the study intends to look at the role of Vitamin D in prostate cancer patients’ immunity.

“We will investigate and see if Vitamin D supplements can help to improve immunity and outcomes in patients with prostate cancer.”

He said that the research is under the Transatlantic Prostate Cancer Consortium (CaPTC), which has conducted landmark research on the disease.

“We guided Nigerian pathologists in the preparation of Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) prostate specimens.

“This is with the outcome being that a good number of FFPE specimens from six Nigerian institutions will comply with international standards and useable as biospecimens for various genetic studies,” he said.

He, therefore, suggested that the National Health Insurance policy should cover screening, evaluation and treatment of
prostate cancer and related ailments affecting all ages and gender.


Prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in the prostate. The prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland in males that produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Many prostate cancers grow slowly and are confined to the prostate gland, where they may not cause serious harm. However, while some types of prostate cancer grow slowly and may need minimal or even no treatment, other types are aggressive and can spread quickly.

Prostate cancer that’s detected early — when it’s still confined to the prostate gland — has the best chance for successful treatment.