Will Dr. Aminu Maida’s leadership propel NCC to new horizons?

"The elements are all aligned to making Dr. Aminu Maida’s leadership era at NCC a soaring success..."

Dr. Aminu Maida, leadership, propel NCC, new horizons, EVC

Will dr. Aminu maida's leadership propel ncc to new horizons?

Dr. Aminu maida, leadership, propel ncc, new horizons, evcBy Nnanke Harry Willie

In the realm of innovation and the digital ecosystem, anchored on the telecommunications and technology sectors, Dr. Aminu Maida’s emergence as a beacon of transformation seems poised to elevate the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the digital economy to unprecedented heights. this is more of a given than a mere possibility, as indeed, his antecedents rekindle a tweak of the famous President Obama campaign slogan, “Yes, He Can!”


Since Maida was appointed the Executive Vice-Chairman (EVC) of the Commission when the mantle of leadership moved into his capable hands, the anticipation of a new era has permeated the air, resonating with promises of innovation, inclusivity, and strategic vision.


One of the few institutions that has benefitted immensely and witnessed quantum leaps since Nigeria’s return to democracy is the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). Every EVC before Maida since 1999 has recorded stellar results and taken the NCC and Nigeria’s telecommunications to enviable heights after the sullen years of “Telephone is not for the poor phase” of the pre-1999 era. Surely, Maida’s tenure will also scale things up notches higher.

NCC to prioritise transparency, broadband connectivity for telecom growth – Maida

The rise of the digital economy globally has presented Nigeria with new opportunities which, if well harnessed, will serve as a welcome panacea to Nigeria’s economic struggles and bolster a new wave of positive bouquets of economic gains in the creative industry, financial services, trading sectors, and even governance.


This is because Aminu Maida’s illustrious career makes him a perfect fit for his new role. His is a career adorned with milestone navigations and achievements, marked by a deep-seated commitment to progress, which positions him as the catalyst the NCC needs to navigate the dynamic landscape of the digital age.


At the nexus of Dr. Maida’s qualifications lies a profound understanding of telecommunications, honed through years of dedicated service and academic pursuit. This expertise, bolstered by his intimate knowledge of the intricate workings of the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), presents a formidable combination that promises to redefine Nigeria’s telecommunications landscape. His astute grasp of the industry’s intricacies positions him as a prospective visionary leader capable of steering the NCC toward unprecedented heights.


His academic pedigree, coupled with a wealth of experience in both public service and the private sector, uniquely equips him to steer the NCC ship through the uncharted waters of contemporary telecommunications and digital economy challenges.


Aminu Maida has achieved and set significant milestones and objectives in the telecommunications industry, showcasing his technical expertise, leadership skills, and commitment to innovation. A few of these achievements and objectives include:

Stint at Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement Systems (NIBSS): As Executive Director, Tech & Ops. at NIBSS, Maida played a crucial role in providing shared services to the Nigerian e-payments ecosystem. He spearheaded the provisioning of global technical and strategic direction for the organization, contributing to the inclusion of 27 million Nigerians who previously lacked access to basic telephony services. At NIBSS, Dr. Maida was responsible for holistically spearheading the technical and operational standardization of all devices deployed in the financial system in Nigeria for interoperability. Maida led a dynamic team that ensured that all terminals used in the e-payment industry and all devices deployed in Nigeria would accept all cards issued by banks and other licensed card schemes without discrimination,


Quality of Service: Maida has emphasized the importance of excellent quality of service in the telecommunications sector, assuring Nigerians that telecom services should be treated as a utility like water and electricity, and that the industry must work together to always deliver reliable services.

Transparency in Telecom Regulation: Maida has pledged that transparency would be the bedrock of his leadership as Nigeria’s chief telecom regulator, enabling a level playing field for all industry players and fostering a competitive market. He would thus make the NCC a major enabler of sectoral and economic growth.


Technical and Operational Standardization: At NIBSS, Maida was responsible for spearheading the technical and operational standardization of all devices deployed in the e-payment industry, ensuring seamless integration and interoperability. With this background, the natural progression is to scale things further up with the NCC platform.


Education and Skills Development: Maida holds an M.Eng in Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College London, a Ph.D. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Bath University UK, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship (FinTech Pathway) from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. His educational credentials have played an instrumental role in shaping his ability to tackle future-proof strategies and drive innovation in the telecommunications sector and digital economy. With a foundation this solid, personal and leadership growth should scale fast and assuredly.


Key Strengths: One of Maida’s key strengths lies in his visionary approach to technology. In an era dominated by rapid technological evolution, his foresight extends beyond the immediate future, anticipating trends and disruptions that could shape the telecommunications landscape for years to come. This keen insight will undoubtedly fortify the NCC’s role as a proactive regulator, paving the way for policies that not only react to change but actively shape it.


Advocate: As an advocate for inclusivity, Dr. Maida brings a refreshing perspective to the leadership of the NCC. In a world where digital connectivity is no longer a luxury but a fundamental right, Maida’s commitment to ensuring that every Nigerian, regardless of socio-economic status, enjoys the benefits of a connected society is not only admirable but essential. His leadership promises to bridge the digital divide, making telecommunications more accessible to the farthest reaches of the nation.


Moreover, Maida’s tenure is poised to witness an era of collaborative innovation. Recognizing the importance of partnerships between the private sector and regulatory bodies, he is likely to champion initiatives that encourage investment, research, and development. By fostering an environment where stakeholders work together to push the boundaries of technological advancement, Maida will position the NCC as a catalyst for innovation rather than a mere gatekeeper.


Cybersecurity: In a rapidly evolving global landscape, cybersecurity has become a paramount concern. Dr. Maida, with his background in information security, is uniquely positioned to fortify the NCC’s defenses against emerging threats. His leadership will prioritize the establishment of robust cybersecurity frameworks, ensuring that Nigeria’s digital infrastructure remains resilient in the face of ever-evolving cyber risks.


Optimism: The key focus of Dr. Aminu Maida’s leadership at the NCC is one of anticipation and optimism. His transformative vision, commitment to inclusivity, and strategic foresight promise to elevate the NCC to a new echelon of influence and effectiveness. As the digital era unfolds, Dr. Maida stands as a guiding force, leading the NCC towards a future where Nigeria not only adapts to technological change but actively shapes it for the benefit of all.


The fusion of Dr. Maida’s telecommunications expertise with his instrumental role at NIBSS creates a potent blend that holds the potential to revolutionize not only the regulatory landscape but also the broader telecommunications ecosystem. His tenure at NIBSS witnessed groundbreaking strides in financial technology, and this foresight is now set to permeate the telecommunications sector. Dr. Maida’s strategic vision involves weaving a tapestry where seamless connectivity intersects with innovative solutions, fostering an environment ripe for global acclaim.


A key facet of Dr. Maida’s approach lies in his commitment to bridging the digital divide. In a world where access to information and communication technologies is a linchpin for socioeconomic development, his leadership is expected to amplify efforts to connect even the remotest corners of Nigeria. By championing policies that ensure inclusivity and accessibility, Dr. Maida aims to position Nigeria as a model for developing nations striving to achieve global telecommunications standards.


The synergies between the financial and telecommunications sectors are set to flourish under Dr. Maida’s stewardship. His nuanced understanding of the interplay between these domains is poised to give rise to innovative policies that drive economic growth. By harnessing the potential of financial technology and telecommunications in unison, Dr. Maida aims to create an ecosystem that not only meets international benchmarks but sets new standards for others to emulate.


On the global stage, Dr. Aminu Maida’s leadership is expected to draw attention and admiration. His collaborative mindset, nurtured through years of fostering partnerships, is likely to attract foreign investments and expertise, positioning Nigeria as a hub for telecommunications excellence. Dr. Maida’s international outlook and commitment to aligning NCC with global best practices are anticipated to open doors for strategic alliances that will propel Nigeria to the forefront of the global telecommunications arena.


Moreover, Dr. Maida’s stewardship is anticipated to catalyze synergies between the financial and telecommunications sectors. His deep-seated understanding of the symbiotic relationship between these realms will likely result in policies that harmonize the two, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and technological advancement. The fusion of financial technology and telecommunications under his visionary guidance has the potential to create a blueprint for Nigeria’s blossoming digital economy that other nations may also seek to emulate.


Success assured: Dr. Aminu Maida’s ascendancy to the helm of the NCC marks a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s telecommunications history and digital economy. His background in telecommunications and his instrumental role at NIBSS converge to create a visionary leader poised to elevate the NCC and Nigeria to world-class standards. As the digital era unfolds, Dr. Maida’s strategic acumen, innovative spirit, and global perspective are set to redefine Nigeria’s role in the global telecommunications arena.


The elements are all aligned to making Dr. Aminu Maida’s leadership era at NCC a soaring success, surely key stakeholders, including this writer pray for nothing less.