NSA says holistic collaboration needed in curbing insecurity

“National security is a collective effort where all ministries, departments, agencies, civil society groups and citizens have to work collaboratively to ensure a secure nation."

Nuhu Ribadu - National Security Adviser
Nsa says holistic collaboration needed in curbing insecurity
Nuhu ribadu – national security adviser

The National Security Adviser, (NSA) Mr Nuhu Ribadu, says collaboration among all security apparatus is required to curb insecurity for the country’s prosperity.

Ribadu made the assertion in a paper  presentation at the ongoing Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association, (NBA) on Wednesday in Abuja with the theme; “Getting it Right: Charting the Course for Nigeria’s Nation Building.”
Ribadu, who was represented by Mr Anthony Oluborode, the Special Adviser in the legal department of the office of the NSA  said that stability could not be achieved with rampant insecurity.
According to him, there must be closer interagency collaboration as well capacity building to ensure success in the fight against insecurity.
“National security is a collective effort where all ministries, departments, agencies, civil society groups and citizens have to work collaboratively to ensure a secure nation.
“Community support is also critical for the success of curbing insecurity.
“The goal is to get the police to take full charge of internal security without having to invite the military to wade into internal security of the country so that they can focus on external security,” he said.
He also alluded to the fact that an abundance of a youth population in the country could be an advantage as well as a disadvantage to the fight against insecurity.
To this effect, he said it was essential to ensure that the teeming youth population was gainfully employed so as to keep their minds engaged and away from crime.
The NSA said that there was need to strengthen legislative framework,  review of strategies and policies on security and that government would spare nothing to ensure synergy among all security agencies.
He also said that the theme for the conference was apt as it was closely related to the current administration’s desire to end insecurity in the country.
Th NSA maintained that it was important to work with the media to reach a wide audience to ensure that any information on security was accurate and not fake news.
Speaking on behalf of the Nigeria Police, DIG Frank Mba  said that reforming the police was one of the most effective ways to curb insecurity.
He said that the strength of the Nigerian Police Force was abysmal in comparison to police in other countries.
“Nigeria is abysmally under policed as you have one policeman securing between 600 to 800 citizens which in other countries it is one policeman to at most 400 citizens.”
He  enumerated the security issues affecting the six geo-political regions of the country to include Terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, herders- farmers clash, human trafficking and secession.
He also identified arson, oil bunkering, crude theft and substance abuse as some of the main security challenges the country was grappling with.
He said that the security issues had been escalated by climate change, economic exclusivity and globalization which made it possible and easy for citizens to copy crimes from other countries.
He called on President Bola Tinubu to fulfill his campaign promise to adding more personnel to the police.
Also speaking, the Emir of Gumi, in Zamfara, retired Justice Lawal Gumi said that the role of traditional and religious leaders in curbing insecurity could not be overemphasised.
He said that although most of those who perpetrate crime were morally depraved, high on drugs and did not listen to the sanctimonious preaching of clerics, continuous advocacy and prayers would work.
He also noted the importance of making use of retired public servants and military personnel who although retired, were not yet tired.
“Businessmen and crowd funding should also be explored to generate funds needed to create a functional security mechanism.
He finally called for the replication of the Amotekun model used in Ondo in other states as a practical solution to curbing insecurity since it appeared to be working in the South West.
All the panelists agreed that Nigeria was enduring a rise in insecurity with the key violent drivers  either distinct to regions or cut across various locations.
They said it was pertinent to weave together policy coherence, participatory decision-making, and sustainable security strategies to sketch a future oriented roadmap for Nigeria’s governance and security landscape.
BRANDPOWER reports that the NBA conference, which is the 65th in its series, was declared open on Sunday by President Bola Tinubu and  would end on Friday.