2023: Preserve peace, stability of Nigeria, Dickson urges leaders

He said that the advice became imperative in view of the fast approach of the 2023 general elections.

Sen. Seriake Dickson

Sen. Seriake Dickson, (PDP-Bayelsa West), has advised political leaders to preserve the peace, stability, and unity of the country while sorting out issues and disagreements.

Dickson gave the advice in Abuja, on Wednesday during his appearance on a ‘Bare It All Fellowship’ organised by the Rotary Club of Abuja, Maitama.

He said that the advice became imperative in view of the fast approach to the 2023 general elections.

He also said that political leaders could disagree without being necessarily disagreeable.

“Political actors should not make themselves disagreeable while disagreeing.

“You can disagree without being disagreeable. And we should realise that every word, every action has consequences and repercussions.

“I condemn every uncivil comment or attack on candidates generally.

“No one is justified in doing so, no supporter is justified in doing so, nobody is justified in inciting or make statements that have the capacity to create confusion and crisis”, he said.

The former Bayelsa governor, while also calling for understanding and tolerance, advised Nigerians not to allow politicians to divide them across ethnic and religious lines.

He urged Nigerians to support INEC, security agencies as well as other stakeholders for a free, fair and acceptable general election that would throw up a new class of leaders in the country.

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“I know that we are all not on the same page, and that is allowed.

“Democracy is a breeding ground of ideas, so ideas can differ and vary. Our perspective may not be the same, but let us all bear in mind that in all of this, the political class should not commit class suicide.

“The political class should not lead the country to destruction or crisis, such that we will find it difficult, if there is a major crisis.

“So people should be temperate and civil while disagreeing and while canvassing for votes”, he said.

On the new Naira notes, Dickson noted that a fundamental policy such as a change in the currency should have been left for the next administration to handle and manage.

“That is my personal opinion which I have expressed on the floor of the house.

“But the executive is going ahead, so let’s hope it ends well, let’s hope that the citizens are not confused, or agitated or distract us on the peaceful conduct of a very important national election.