Mobil Voted No.1 by Nigerians in Motor Oil Category of Best Buy Award survey

 The first ever ICERTIAS Best Buy Award survey in Nigeria concludes that Nigerian consumers consider the innovative and responsive motor oil brand, Mobil, best in category for price-quality ratio.

Offering a comprehensive range of motor oils to meet the varying needs of their customers while at the same time paying attention to values and standards of business conduct, the majority of Nigerians surveyed have confirmed that Mobil is their first choice regarding best value for money.

Surveyed for the ICERTIAS Best Buy Award, respondents were asked, on the basis of their personal experience of specified products or service categories on the Nigerian market, what they felt represented the best price-quality ratio.

Presented with open-ended questions, respondents had free choosing of products and service providers when answering their preferences.

In the motor oil brand category respondents were asked the following question:

“In your personal experience, which motor oil brand offers the best price–quality ratio in Nigeria:”

The majority of those surveyed answered Mobil.

This is further affirmation for Mobil that, by offering competitive products and services that are known for performance and innovation, they have established a distinctive customer experience resulting with the majority of consumers choosing them over their competition.

These findings come from the first Best Buy Award research survey conducted in Nigeria in September 2015 by the Swiss organisation ICERTIAS. ICERTIAS measures the experience and level of satisfaction expressed by surveyed participants with the price-quality ratio of marketed products and services.

It should be noted that the ICERTIAS Best Buy Award survey does not measure brand equity or market share. This research provides insight into the customer’s personal experiences, opinions, satisfaction and perceptions, which are used exclusively to gauge the price-quality ratio of goods and services in the market.